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[UPDATE]: The deadline is now this upcoming Saturday.

So I got an idea from Stormborn: It's no secret that the Smash Bros. for the Wii U's main menu is a confusing mess. And while we can't ever hope for an update to redesign an entire menu, we can still dream. To that end, I'm going to hold a little contest for who can design the best replacement for the new Smash Bros.' main menu! The prize? A digital pat on the back the likes of which you've never seen!


You can have up to as many designs as you want! We'll discuss the due date in the General Discussion tab!

There are four categories:

Most Practical


This is the most complicated one; you have to create a menu that will showcase how a player will be able to access all the game's major menu content. Including Trophy Rush! What do you mean you don't know what Trophy Rush is? It's right there, in the... 18th submenu of the... nevermind, Google it. The one that appears to be the easiest to navigate will win this prestigious award. You do not have to design anything aesthetically pleasing, but you do have to account for every submenu you add.

Most Hilarious


Self-explanatory. Whichever menu design makes us laugh the most will receive this award. There is one rule, however; it has to be a Smash related menu, at least remotely. So be as crazy as you want! Think outside the box! You do not need to design a submenu.

Most Beautiful


The most eye-catching menu design of them all! This one doesn't need to be very practical or funny, but it's a particularly tough one as it has to be... well, beautiful. Be as creative as humanly (or inhumanly) possible! You do not need to design a submenu.

Most Sakurai


The one category to rule them all.

To design this menu, you have to really nail the art style of Michiko Sakurai. It really has to sell that vibe! You do not need to design a submenu.


So, get your submissions in!

One more thing: Please do not create a new thread without adding your entry alongside it. Use the General Discussion post to comment on discuss things in... general.

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