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Hey TAY Long time no see I am getting back in to gaming and writing. Although this may not be much as far as original content I used to have a goal to review all the games in my steam library.

I just pumped out a bunch of quick ones of varying degrees of thought put in to them. I do not do rating system or anything but I find Steams recommend YES/NO system to be adequate for how I view things but I will share today’s batch which were all recommendations. If you want to read more of my reviews you can head over to my steam page.


Here is today’s snips


And today’s Big one due to an unfortunate realization That I would never be able to beat the damn game due to a glitch.

Record of Agarest War Mariage

I will have a summary of Pros and Cons at the end.

I am a long time fan of the series. I found this Agarest game to be the most easily accessible for those who do not care for turn based strategy girls combat as in Agarest One and Zero. It’s got a simple turn based combat system but with Four (Attacker, Defender, Healer, Support) defined roles for your party members to take certain actions. The game also holds true to the Generational system although this is one of the shorter games in only having 2 Generations but keep in mind this was originally a PSP game and there were hardware and physical media restrictions on how big the game could be.

I enjoyed my time with the game until it seems my game was bugged and i was actually just unable to fight the final boss. I enjoyed the game and watched the true ending since I just couldn’t get things to work in Generation 2. So even though I couldn’t finish the game. I still recommend it though.


+ Easy to understand turn based combat
+ Roles system makes all characters pretty good at everything really
+ Good CG/IMAGE scenes
+ Multiple endings (although my game glitched out and i was not even able to beat the game in Gen 2)
+ Still 3 Waifus to choose between in both Generations.
+ First game in the series that let’s you have a daughter

- Difficulty Spikes (Especially when you start Gen 2)
- Localization/Translation issues
- Shorter than most entries
- Very Grindy
- Possibly still buggy


That is all for today as things currently stand I have reviewed 32% of my 1346 games on steam. So yeah I hope to be sharing more with you all soon. If you have any specific questions about any of the games feel free to ask in the comments below.

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