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Hey TAY many people are pulling together their top 10 lists, highlights of the year and more. I figured I would just share with you all the last things I managed to do up before the end of the year.

The last games I beat this year were South Park: Fractured but Whole, Exist Archive, Blue Reflection, Nights of Azure 2, School Girl/Zombie Hunter, Sonic Forces, Mortal Kombat X, Criminal Girls 2, GNOG, Hyperdevotion Noire, Dark Rose Valykrie, Tekken 7, Persona 5, Assault Suit Leynos, Tales of Bersaria, Stardew Valley again, and Gal gun Double peace.


Please note those were only the SONY based titles I have beaten. I have not really beaten any Pc Games since they are mostly MMO’s MOBAS or Visual Novels. The MMO’s and Mobas can’t be beaten technically. As for the Visual Novels I have not been bored enough to really sit down and read my eyeballs dry to see an ending. However I will mention some PC accomplishments I managed to pull off. I will break these down game by game. or not you know what yeah I won’t bore you wiht these. let’s talk about the Playstation trophies again.

Of all the games I mentioned earlier I got the Platinum Trophy in 4 of those games. Those games were Blue Reflection,South Park: Fractured but Whole, Criminal Girls 2, and Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart. All of which are Role playing games. I actually started Noire back in 2015 but with all the vita memory problems I finally got around to beating it. Criminal Girls 2 was just as enjoyable as the first one. It’s definitely not for prudes though.

The latest one Blue Reflection is a anime style jrpg that’s like playing a magical girl simulator. It was very enjoyable people say its to similar to Persona 5. It wasn’t overly stylized like that things were pretty simple in the game too. there wasn’t really any grinding either.


If you want to see a persona 5 ripoff check out Akiba’s Beat. That game took a shitty version of the Tales of series battle system. The people in game have DELUSIONS which manifest in the real world that you have to clear up similar to the palaces you have steal the heart of the owner from in Persona 5. Meanwhile Blue Reflections is a group of girls bonding together to save their school and the world. Emotions overrun is a big thing that they try to solve in the game as well. Yeah I sold Akiba’s Beat to a friend I still feel kind of bad about it but I didn’t make him pay full price so I feel a little better.


South park was very enjoyable so much to the point were I am glad that I actually played it on the hardest difficulty. To be honest I have not kept up with the show since 2013. However despite the new stuff and jokes I was not familiar with it really still felt nostalgic and I still enjoy the humor. In this one a sequel to the previous game where the cats were doing Live Action Role Playing. They switch to playing super heroes and trying to get their super hero franchises off the ground to make money.

You again retain your role as the new kid with the magical anus. You join the cast in also playing super heroes you start off picking from one of the starter super hero classes. I started with PUNCH TOWN EXPRESS AKA the Brutalizer. By the end of the game I was a Telepathic Plantmancer. Since you can cross class later on as you get new super powers. I liked the game enough to get all of the trophies which included pooping in every toilet, collection all of the Tweak/Craig Yoai, and even fighting Morgan Freeman. I enjoyed it all.


Let’s talk about my other disappointment this year. I will drop a link to it and summarize my thoughts on the matter.


Just to reiterate on Fire Emblem Warriors. I felt the story was bad. I saw the twist coming from a mile away. The original characters were bad. I felt they lacked characters like Ike and Marth. Some in game characters were locked behind DLC t o actually be playable like Owain, Navarre, Oboro, and a few others. The dlc schedule and choices were not really worth it to me either to warrant a season pass on this. So me and my sister burned through it and returned it for damn near full price towards the new south park rpg.

Oh another thing for 2017 Sonic Mania was AMAZING. Also Sonic Forces was OK! Like holy shit things are looking up for the blue blur. Also the Sonic Boom Cartoon isn’t awful I was worried to watch it sense my nephew got into it and it’s been fine. Oh shit I didn’t think I had written so much I will stop for now. Maybe i’ll do a “what I am looking forward to in 2018" or “Things to finally complete in 2018.” write up.

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