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​Novibear's Necessities on Assassin's creed 3 (ps3)

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Brief Obearview

I am trying new things tell me how they work and any criticism will be taken as that of being constructive. So without further delay I give you my thoughts on Assassin's creed 3! (See what it is there that I just did)


Assassin's creed 3 is actually the… fifth game in the main series not counting any of the handheld games that is. Assassins Creed 2 is responsible for this gap as our previous hero Ezio's story was too long to contain in one game which spawned Assassins Creed Brotherhood and then Assassins Creed Revelations where his story come to an end. Also if you did not or don't understand the series it's pretty much summed up like this.

Assassins which you play as are fighting this organization called the Templars in modern times but they are looking for ancient relics from a past civilization to change the fate of the world. In order to do this there are people with strong blood lines that are so great they can use a machine called the Animus to relive an ancestors life in order to see or get clues as to what happened to whatever the fuck they were looking for.


In Assassins Creed 3 Desmond is looking for the key to saving the world this key or the way to its location by another ancestral assassin. This begins Desmond's Journey through the life of Connor (Ratonhnhaké:ton) Kenway. He is is half British I think and half Native American. So yeah take that during this being during the time in which the United States Was very young or not yet even formed. It's before George Washington was president I believe. I hope that helps now let's get down to the game itself!

The Beary Good:

So with this being the 5th game and I having played them all there are a lot of great things that they have done!


Plot Twist!

In the beginning of the game you don't actually play as Connor when Desmond goes into the animus for the first time after they set up their base. You play as Connors Father Haythem Kenway. I will not spoil it but man I didn't see it coming I mean even the fact that the main cast in the real world was shocked by it as well was just wow! No spoilers though so moving on!


Assassin Recruit System

In AC: Brotherhood they added assassin recruits. However it seemed a bit tedious to constantly be helping your city and getting these random citizens with no background who were suddenly cool with learning to kill for justice. In Assassins Creed 3 there are only 6 recruits and they all have a personality and a story. Hell after you do the side missions to get them and do their recruitment mission which normal frees up Templar control of an area you can go to the tavern and just listen to them go on about their lives. Also as you recruit them you get abilities that may require more than one person like causing a riot and pretending to be under arrest.



So this game added something I honestly thought I was going to dread. They added BOATS and Naval missions and naval combat! I have to say I dreaded this back when it was teased at E3 two or three years ago. However it was fun bringing the mast down to half sail ordering my crew to load the Flame shot and showing my broadside to an enemy ship just to rain burning cannon balls on them just sinking all the BATTLESHIPS!


There is an open wilderness outside of the two cities you explore!

This open area is also where they implemented the hunting aspect of the game which I will talk about more lately. But through this they teach you about Free running through the trees during one of the tutorials. Which was cool when it worked which I will also talk about later.


The Environments!

You get the well settled Boston, A war time New York that's all sorts of banged up. As well as the Wilderness of the frontier. Then when you get to vantage points to update your map I still can't get enough of the view when they do the little cut scene.


The Homestead

Shortly after you become and assassin they play you live in is undeveloped land and you recruit individuals familiar in unique trades like wood workers, farmers and more. I loved this little added touch because as you progressed in game you could go home and just chill with the Community you built and did favors for. Most of the people were displaced and needed a home and you had land so why not?


Bear with it:

Free running

Also known as Contextual Running. It's great when it wants to work and for once you can actually do more than just scale buildings and run along roof tops like you did in previous games. Like I said it's great when it wants to work. I know players on the PC games had many issues with this as it was not well implemented for people using Keyboard and mouse if that's what they used they had to do a lot of remapping. I however had many Issues with Connor just auto jumping to the things I didn't want to be on when more than one path had presented itself.


Combat system

It hasn't really changed much you can counter kill most enemies. The ones you can't you just counter disarm or counter throw them then kill them to win. Nothing really special there However they added a realism with the guns you have to reload those damn flintlock pistols so normally you'd think to run in and start gunning until you have to talk 3 seconds to reload your gun in battle while red coats swarm you. All in all it was still nice but not much improvement from previous games in the series.


The Pawthetic:


It felt awful! When it was not require d for me to kill a bear I just failed the QTE and let it maul me because even if the bears weren't real taking their lives killed me a little.


Last Words

I can't really think of anything that sucked in the game I enjoyed it despite many people saying they could not stand Connor as the Protagonist. I liked the guy he had a goal I can understand yes he did have less personality than Ezio. However you have to understand He got THREE WHOLE GAMES TO HIMSELF! Also honestly I don't think another Ezio would have made this game as enjoyable.


I say give it ago if you have been following the series. If you have not and want to get into it you should be able to find it relatively cheap and the Second Ancestor Ezio got his own Trilogy pack which is his three games.

I liked it and despite some peoples hate for the first game like me I did not like it and got half way through it before I quit it. However the assassins creed series is an annual releaser and guess what they actually improve on previous games UNLIKE CALL OF DOGEY! So yeah be like me and wait until the newest game is out and pick up the old ones for cheap.


Well again wow that was long… Let me know what I can better do to write these up for you all. Please discuss below.

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