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Novibear's Necessities on Daily Lives of High School Boys (JP Dub) (Eng Sub)

Brief Obearview

So another slice of life anime focused on boys who attend an all boys high school as well as characters. This show has shenanigans a plenty and most of it is very comical. Here is another summary though.

Plot Summary:The lives of a group of students who attend the boys-only Sanada North High School and their acquaintances. Generally centered around three friends; Tadakuni, Yoshitake, and Hidenori; they are surrounded by odd classmates, peculiar family members, and many other unique individuals.
Genres: comedy, slice of life
Number of episodes:12


The Beary Good:


Honestly was never tired of what was happening. Later on at the end of some episodes they have a short called High School girls be funky and it's like the polar opposite of the three main guys as well as a back story that gets revealed little by little.

Broad Cast

This show does not follow the three main guys for all of its episodes. You know how in some shows they show you some cool characters but the never really get any screen time other than to show up and inspire the main cast. This show even looks away from the main cast completely to follow the characters he are just involved in interesting things.


Bear with it:

I got nothing so let me show you why I went and watched this show or what piqued my interest at least.

The Pawthetic:

Again I got nothing I really liked this show and hey it's getting a sequel I think.


Last Words


Watch this show is what you need to do!

Reviews to look forward to are

  • Still playing Rainbow moon.
  • Maybe an Kingdoms of Amular review if I ever beat it…

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