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Brief Obearview

So Alto's sister (You play as the guy with Blue and Red Hair) was branded a witch and for some reason got turned in to crystal and now you decide to go into the super-secret dungeon known as the Rail yard to try and break your sister's curse along the way to doing this you awaken a girl who is actually an ancient weapon and decide to help her recover her memory. While you're helping Melize (Blonde girl) you meet a cast of other characters in the dungeons while looking for the key to saving your sister!


The Beary Good:


This game is a real time action RPG dungeon crawler. You kill monsters get loot and try to clear the dungeons. If you die you leave the dungeon with no loot and only half the EXP you gained. Which means there is not much lost in failure unless you picked up a ton of good loot. Which had me on edge at times searching for the exit in a panic with half my team dead or poisoned.


The Poison system

So in this game the poison system was a bit different. There are three types of poison and each three types have different effects on your character. There was a green poison called pristine smell which pretty much let the affected character see everything even hidden things! Contracting all effects of the same color poison would kill a character unless they are a ROBOT! Like Melize. Most other poisons were bad though still fun because you cold poison other enemies.


The randomness

This game has a story mode which are the normal dungeons you discover those don't change you can replay them expecting the same thing over and over! However this game also includes Ran-geons or Random Dungeons in different degrees ranging from: Baby-geon,-Ran-geon, and Demon-Geon! This is where you spend most of your post game time if you love games like this.


You can make your own characters!

Seriously I always meant to but never got around to it but the awesome people on the internet were turning these out left and right from well know characters to original creations of their own. Just do a google search Legasista character sheets if you're interested? I just used a template character for my guy though.


Job System

There are 6 jobs or classes in this game! You can get different perks by leveling up for JP or job points. I found that Melize who starts as a War Mage ended up using tons of Fire Magic so When I was able too I switched her to Pyro the Fire Magic Class and gave a bought a boost that carries over all classes to up fire damage by a WHOPPING 35%!


The drawback is you have to level each job up from level 1 I made the mistake of resetting everyone's job to a new one and them being on level 1 so I had to grind back up to level 20 to switch back before I could move the story on. But hey that extra JP I could use later!

Bear with it:

The Equipment System

It's very different in this game because what you can equip in this game is dictated by load outs called energy frames each job starts with one you unlock more as you level up. Also in order to put on something in the load out slot you have to have enough Mana. So it's like this you have a sword slot with a mana pool of 20 so you have to put a pretty Weak sword in it. Luckily JP in the job system can help by increasing the mana pools to certain slots like weapons, attack boost or magic.


Energy Frames

Like what I talked about earlier but just the load outs in particular I found it pretty cool to have three warriors all with different energy frames. I had Alto Clubbing people. Melize using a spear and the guy I made swiftly knifing people. They were all the Warrior Job but on three different energy frames under that job that truly made them all feel unique even though they were all warriors.


Durability and the damage bar

If your character does not have a shielded the last piece of equipment they have on takes damage until it breaks OR the next piece of equipment starts taking damage depending on this magical DAMAGE LINE which only get closer to your first piece of equipment. It was just weird it lead to me sometimes getting hit directly in the HP because I had no shield and the Damage line was on an HP bar so I died yet none of my equipment broke. Shields save lives.


The Pawthetic:


Now I am sure most of the people who bought this game did not play it for the story but gosh was it bad. My friend came in at the end of it as in he saw the last cut scene of it and pretty much said "Wait so what but I don't…" I told him he got the better deal he didn't have to suffer through all the cut scenes which are only in Japanese Dub. I have no problem with that but just a warning to those of you expecting and English Dub option. Also to my knowledge couldn't be replayed or watched again unless you started a new game. It was just bad. I put the game down for awhile and had no idea what the hell was going on when I got back to it.


Last Words

Now a special thing to note this game was downloaded on my PS3 back on AUGUSE 23rd of 2012. I had just beaten a day or two ago this year! On January 12th 2014! I loved this game but the ran-geons were so unfair sometimes I just had to quite the game for a while so it sat on my hard drive for a long time I would occasionally pick it up and grind because I didn't hate the game it just stumped me with a particular warp based story dungeon. Finally though I beat the final boss and got ONE TROPHY the only trophy I plan to get mind you as my Trophy Hunter phase is coming to an end.


I liked this game I hadn't really played anything exactly like it before and hey if it sounds interesting to you by all means pick it up.

Reviews to look forward to are

Stuff don't worry I will write more stuff.

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