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​Novibear's Necessities on Long Live the Queen (Steam)

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Brief Obearview:

So your mum just passed away and you're the heiress to her throne. The only thing is you have to survive to see your 15th birthday! So in order to help you deal with life until you become the queen you must brush up on your skills to become the Queen OR DIE TRYING! You are going to die a whole lot!


So the game mainly progresses like this. You pick two classes to improve you skills in. The improvement depends on Elodie's mood. Like when she is depressed she does better artistic things like crafting and decorating giving her a boost in those skill gains but if she is angry she gets a boost in mainly physical activities. After the studies are done you usually get a weekend event sometimes they introduce new characters and decisions you can make which will change the story OR something may occur and check your skills to see how an event turns out. Sometimes good things happen sometimes nothing happens sometimes you die…

The Beary Good:

The Skill System and event skill checks

There are so many skills to learn! You have no idea unless you are following the same path every play through when they may literally save your life. Following the same path and making notes on skill checks makes you preplan the game but then there may be another thing that throws you off immediately after you get past something.

The Story

It's pretty darn good despite the game being a fantasy it really made me feel odd when you realize you're just a 14 year old princess who honestly doesn't have much power, you're pretty much defenseless and almost everyone is either trying to kill you or trick you into giving up your power.



Seriously your decisions can lead to very different paths or different events as well. After I finally made it a point to hone my skills for skill checks I saw coming which lead to a whole new path I never knew about! Then I had to start writing down new checks I had failed to remember to prepare for them earlier next time because I would surely be killed soon… And by and Arrow as a matter of fact.


There is a SKIP BUTTON

For all the test you're going to be seeing everything you restart the game. If you don't just reload from a previous save.


Bear With It:

It's a visual novel

It may not be up everyone's alley. I like Visual Novels though and I think I own most of the ones on Steam. I have not gotten around to playing them all but I will try.


The deaths are untimely and may seem unfair

If your no stranger to Choose your own adventure types of books where you pick ahead to the target page immediately see that you die then check the other path only to still die. This game does that but you get used to it here is one example of outrage.


Courtesy of steam user: Rain


The Pawthetic:

Nothing bad I like these kinds oh I take that back!


It's not that it's bad and hell you can try and play without changing it but it's like this shit I know I need to study the book subjects however her mood makes it so she gets a negative bonus so it would only be a waste of time I know the check for it is coming up soon too little did I know that if I had gotten my Dancing Skill above 50 I would have been able to spend my Weekends Dancing to get her in the right mood to boost my studies but no she is so depressed all she wants to day is praise the lord and decorate crafts.


Last Words

I like the game. Steam needs more Visual novels yeah I know there are a ton of others out there that have been fan translated but Yeah we just need more like this.


Oh and the mood system is workable but not until you unlock the other activities that allow you to alter it little by little.

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