I'm really feeling it!


Okay I got like five notifications soon after asking if you wanted to know about this. So I am here tell you cool catz what's going down in my Nuzlocke CHULLINGE. Here are my start pictures.


Immediately out the gate after meeting my band of merry sidekicks! I had them call me Novi. I picked the Frog because Water is teh coolest! Anyway I named the frog Noodles because Water which you boil and Noodles go hand in hand.

Shauna that cutey challenges me and Noodles to a battle. Her fennekin couldn't do a thing to noodles two rounds of CRITICAL BUBBLES and it was over fast! She is distraught I know that Noodles is a strong frog he and I will go far.

I hand a letter of parting off to me mum and set out to route 2 where NOODLES immediately shot down our first possible partner that poor pidgey looked so hopeful. However the Quiet Froaky Bubbles clearly didn't want some brown bird on our journey as he critted him on the first round with Bubbles.


We then gout taught how to catch pokiemanz. Serena I think gave us some free pokieballs and then we set off but before that a new challenger appeared!

Some young punk trying to get in my way!

Kid's got a Zigzagoon. CRITICAL BUBBLES beat that kid up with Noodle's SIGNATURE BUBBLE! Its ZIGZAGONE NOW!



FIRST ENCOUNTER! MUTHAFUCKIN PANSAGE YALL! I decided against Bubble because well Noodles plus bubble may crit. So to pounds and a poke ball later we get…




Let's level this little guy up while my safety net Shauna is still providing free on site heals.

With Wonton in the lead we encounter a KAKUNA! Well at least it poses no threat but this is going to take some time. I opened up with a scratch! Kakuna reciprocated with harden… yup it's going to be awhile. Well 13 scratches later and Wonton was the victor.


That's my first writings to you all. I will keep you up to date once I get on a new route and try to catch something or if unfortunately someone dies.

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