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So many people did there Four in February but I gave up on that. I realized half way through the month I had done nothing but play MOBAS and Final Fantasy 14. So I changed it up and made it Four Goals in February… in Final Fantasy 14. I don’t have a problem! You have a problem! Anyway let the list commence.

  • GOAL 1. Beat the main game. As in the main Story Quest for A Realm Reborn.

I was able to complete this with the help of some guild mates who rushed me through some difficult boss fights and dungeons. I thank them greatly as completing the main game Unlocks a new region which holds access to three additional job classes which are Machinist (DPS), Dark Knight (TANK), and Astrologian (Healer). So far of the new classes I like the Machinist the most.

  • GOAL 2. Get all crafting classes or Disciple of the Hand classes up above Level 25

You may have heard of me and my current obsession with pants. Well blame this game. I literally spent a whole day making cotton trousers because I COULD! But since I had taken up weaving and it was leagues ahead of my other crafting classes I decided to play catch up with the rest. I quickly found out I hate crafting for Alchemy and Culinarian as they seem to require the most as far as ingredients go.

A cutscene after a weaving quest where after making a nice shirt the client does something stupid.
  • GOAL 3. Get past Level 50 the original level Cap that the game places on your before you reach the Expansion Heavensward.

My main class in the game has been to play as the starting Arcanist which branches into two classes The Summoner (DPS) and the Scholar (Healer). Working up one of the two works them both up so I can switch to Summoner when I want to do damage or solo things out in the worldmap. Then switch to a healer when I want to group up for dungeons and Boss fights. I have only reached level 51 however it feels like I am progressing in the game besides just moving the story along. At 55 I get a new spell for each of the classes as well that’s the real goal here.

That’s me as a Summoner and someone with the same outfit also had business to attend to as well.
  • GOAL 4. When more Chocobo races!

So I don’t know how many of you were aware but there is a Gold Saucer in the game. You can race chocobos there and it is great! I need to level up my chocobo Rougeyante which is glowing red in some language. However I want here to eventually be a nice bright red color too. She is the usual yellow chocobo color at the moment.


So that’s my four in February its weird I know and even I am disappointed in the lack of backlog clearing I have not been doing. But hey it’s still game and am still playing.

Since no picture racing have picture I took of another in wedding.

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