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Hey y’all Febubeary is over. I said I would give Four in February another shot in response to Elihu Aran bringing it up again. here was my initial posting for what I though i would do for February

Novibear of Pants -> Elihu Aran 1/28/18 3:26pm

I will join too i have at least 3 things i want to finish gotta find a fourth.

Persona 5 platinum, nights of azure 2 platinum, Beat pokemon ultra sun and not sure on the fourth yet. Maybe get to Storm blood in FF14 I will think on it and write up a post soon.


So what was my Final line up?

  • Platinum Persona 5
  • Platinum Nights of Azure 2
  • Clear the Main Campaign of Monster Hunter Worlds or get to high rank I was not sure what comes first.
  • Black Desert Online - Make some progress in like the actual main story line . I will elaborate on that later.

Line up Reasoning are as follows:

I wanted to platinum those two games immediately after my first runs of them but Persona 5 was very grating on me. I just didn’t love it like other SMT games. yes it was stylish but i did not care for the soundtrack this time around and considering the game is about 100+ hours long that is a tough ride especially if you don’t like the audio in the game that you can’t actually turn off in the options I played it on mute.


For Nights of Azure 2 I knew i wanted to see the good ending I originally got the bad ending though and i heard that new game plus was broken so I waited until it was patched to pick it up.

I dropped Pokemon Ultra Sun because I just can’t be bothered with this weird alternate universe mish-mash that says its different but feels so much the same its disappointing.


I dropped Final Fantasy 14 because I just burned myself out on it working on 3 characters across 3 servers and I just decided to not resubscribe for the month.

Monster Hunter World was a surprise from my sister and well I had to make space to my current addiction.


I had recently gotten back in to Black Desert Online when some of my friends bought the Steam version and wanted to know if they could play with me since I owned the none steam version.

So How did I fair this year after a few years of not doing this and failing to commit in the Past?


I got both of the platinums i was going for and was able to get to high runk in Monster hunter around my 40 hour mark of playing.


Here are some pudding proofs:


As for Black Desert Online I managed to actually miss a lot of of the main story on my other characters due to exp boosts counting the quests as irrelevant. However on My Sorcerer who had not hit level 56 and awaken to her next weapon she was able to follow all of the main Quests up to level 51. Which involved me seeing a BOSS Fight that alters the appearance of your Friendly neighborhood Black spirit.

I don’t really know how to quantify my success in Black Desert though I completed all the quests up to level fifty and the black spirit went from


So have this picture of the character I did all the work on looking at a unicorn.


So yeah uh that was my four in February. Not sure what my plan is for this month. I just got Into the Breach from the team that made FTL and I am excited to play it more. Uh let’s chat about stuff I guess. Oh also if you want that background image I made without the bad drawing over it a link is here.

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