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Now In English: Chaos Seed - Feng Shui Chronicles

Two translations in the same day? Yes, it's because I <3 you all at TAY.


Dynamic Designs strikes again! Just a few months after their fantastic Super Famicom "Record of the Lodoss War" translation, it's time for this unique action RPG made back in 1996 by Neverland and published by Taito leave Japan to an adoring, retro loving English speaking public. "Chaos Seed: Feng Shui Chronicles" is part action RPG, part resource management on your quest to heal the Earth from evil. What makes this game rather unique it's replay value: By making choices or actions, you can change the entire game outcome to one of it's multiple endings, like "Mass Effect 3" should have (oh snap! yeah, I went there... I really love ME3, don't be mad!). Since this came out late on the SNES life cycle, you can expect some really awesome sprite art, music and animation only possible by the 32 megabit capacity cart.

But enough from me, here are the first fifteen minutes of gameplay, where the game teaches you the basics of combat and dungeon exploring:

That made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Truly I am a 16-bit nut at heart. On a curious note, this game was ported two years later in 1998 to Sega Saturn. Sadly Neverland studio is no more, having shut down just as recent as last year. I do believe I just figure what I will be playing this coming Easter. Download the patch from here.

Until we hack again: Play Hard, PLAY LOUD! ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)


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