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This one is certainly for the history books.

AGTP has released the English translation patch of Konami's phenomenal Lagrange Point 1991 sci-fi RPG that has one very distinctive feature to set it apart from every other Famicom game ever released: It's soundtrack.


You see, inside every cart produced there was a FM synthesiser built into them, a VCR7 sound generator integrated circuit that turned the Famicom's sound capabilities into Megadrive style FM synthesis territory. I would love to make some gameplay video for this, but due to other TAY related issues (I.e. Bayonetta 2) I am unable to do so at this time. I will however leave you the game's amazing soundtrack. Yes, you put this cart on your Famicom and this was the sound that would come out of your old tube TV set.

If I wasn't so much into video game music (and making music in general) already in 1991, I would certainly be so after hearing those tunes. The English translation project has taken over ten years to complete so there is little more to say except "Thank you!" to AGTP and everyone who made this translation possible. Another important piece of Japanese video game culture is now accessible to a whole new audience.

*OMAKE* Manage to record a 10 minute gameplay session today. Enjoy!

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