This one is a sure hit with the AniTAY crowd.

Pearse Hillock has released a complete 100% English translation patch for Game Boy's "Magic Knight Rayearth 2nd: The Missing Colors", the second entry of the series RPGs for Nintendo's 8-bit portable brick. Short and sweet, just the perfect type of game to take on the go, if you are a fan of the manga and/or anime, this should be right up your alley.

It's merely one of hundreds of fantastic hidden Game Boy gems that never left Japan. I keep discovering neat "new" games everyday on the Game Boy and Famicom library. Truly the 8-bit generation is worthy of future investigations. Oh, here is a gameplay video:

How quaint! You can download the patch here. That's all for this edition of Now In English", your TAY resource for everything fan made translations needs. Until we hack again: Play Hard, PLAY LOUD!


*URAWAZA* If you play this on a TV using the Super Game Boy, you will be able to play it in more than colours than the original Game Boy! Quite ironic considering the game's subtitle, no?