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Now In English: Record of the Lodoss War

Welcome to your new TAY source for all your news and resources regarding fan translations projects. I am your host Shiryu and I have so many different shows up on TAY I can "bearly" keep up with juggling so much stuff. Not that will ever stop me, mind...

I have tremendous respect for the people out there spending their free time and knowledge on making translations of games that remain inaccessible for us gamers in the west (me and fellow PAL gamers most of all). In case you want to learn more about them, the latest issue of the monthly bible that is Retro Gamer Magazine has a very nice piece and interviews with people working on stuff like this out there. Recommended reading!


Major release from Dynamic Designs yesterday, the complete English translation patch for Kadokawa's 1995 Super Famicom RPG "Record of the Lodoss War"! In case you are unfamiliar with the name, it is based on manga and anime of the same name, inspired by the fantasy novels of Ryo Mizuno. I quite enjoyed the series in my youth and upon discovering via international magazines there would be a game for it on Super Nintendo I was in my naivety quite looking forward to it. Of course like many, it would never had a chance for an official release in the West. So nearly 20 years later, how does this game hold up? I am pleased to say that quite well. Onwards onto a twenty minute gameplay video played by yours truly:

They just don't make them like this any more. I fear this one will take a chunk of my upcoming free time, but well worth it. It's yet another piece of my denied childhood as a PAL gamer that finally drops decades later to form that perfect Tetris line. If you're into JRPGs, you may want to look this one up.

That's all for today, but expect news episodes of "Now In English" when any major complete translation patch gets publicly release. Until we hack again: Play Hard, PLAY LOUD!

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