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Now in Madden NFL: Tattoos

I know we rarely (never) talk about sports games here on TAY, but I thought this was interesting nonetheless: hardcore hipster gaming blog NPR reports the new Madden NFL '15 game will, for the first time, feature real tattoos on American football players.


Why is this unusual? As the story explains, tats are increasingly becoming the source of copyright lawsuits, as tattoo artists (in America, anyway) can make legal claims as to intellectual property ownership. They can demand royalties for displaying their ink in commercial enterprises — except, apparently, for NFL games.

There aren't many other games I can think of wherein this would be an issue, save other sports sims, such as FIFA and NBA2K. And, perhaps, a Kickstarter-backed revival of Mike Tyson's No Copyright Infringement Intended 8-Bit Boxing Game.

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