I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Have you ever played Mass Effect through an unhealthy number of times and wished you could discuss the minutiae of the story and gameplay with other ME obsessives? Have you never played Mass Effect and are wondering what all the fuss is about? Just want to play an awesome game and then hang out with awesome people once a week to discuss?

Then do join us, won't you, for the Mass Effect Book Club!

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Here's how it would work:

- Here's a handy spreadsheet I made with all of the missions and assignments split into short sections (shut up). We'd all agree on which sections to play each week and then come together here to discuss.


- For the big missions (Therum, Feros, Noveria, Virmire, and Ilos/endgame) we'd all play together live over Skype or some other voice/video chat service TBD.

The whole thing should take about a month or so depending on how much of the game everyone wanted to work through in a week.


So! Thoughts? Suggestions on the order of missions/assignments? Which days would work best for discussions and live play sessions? (Weekends?)


[UPDATE 1] Mass Effect Mondays: it's a thing now! Discussion threads will be posted to MainTAY/TAY Classic on MONDAYS @ 5:00pm EST


[UPDATE 2] If you'd like to do the big missions as a group we'll be using Steam for voice/text chat while we play.

[UPDATE 3 - A Question for You Guys] Live group play sessions: Mondays at 5:00pm EST or some other time during the week? (Fridays or Sundays are probably the best bet - don't want to overlap with Movie and Game Nights)



First week of June (1-8) - Play Sections 1-2

Monday, June 9 - First meeting, thread posted 5:00pm EST

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