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Last year, when Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night were revealed to the world, the creators hinted that the Persona 3 dancing games models had significance beyond the Dancing Moon Night game. This potentially hinted at a PS4 remake of Persona 3 built on Persona 5's engine. However, there were also hints that Persona 4 would be receiving the same treatment. This all makes sense because developing Persona 6 will take some time, so remaking the two PS2 entries in the franchise so that new players who jumped on board with Persona 5 can play them in an updated fashion doesn’t sound odd at all. And now, thanks to the cover of a magazine which will hit shelves in Japan on May 24th, we be getting our first glimpse of these side projects.


The cover of the magazine hints at a game called Persona 4 Ever More. The general consensus in the lead up to the magazine’s launch is that it’s the oft rumored Persona 4 remaster, seemingly getting out ahead of the more expected Persona 3 remaster. The title “Ever More” sounds more final than the previous release of the game, Persona 4 Golden, suggesting that it would be the definitive version of Persona’s most popular title(I’m not sure if Persona 5 has surpassed it in popularity. Sales almost definitely, but not overall popularity amongst the fanbase.) and the final trip back to Inaba. Of course, this is far from confirmed. While the magazine does tease the title and that the project includes a game as well as an anime, the cover doesn’t specify what this game really is. A remaster is the best bet, but it could easily be a follow-up of some kind or even another spin-off. But my personal bet is on the remaster as well.

Having said that, Persona 4, while popular, seems like the oddball choice to follow-up Persona 5 with. Persona 5, by all accounts, is a fairly dark game. Persona 4, on the other hand, is probably the lightest Persona title, the polar opposite of Persona 5. Persona 3, on the other hand, is pretty damn dark and would be fitting as a follow-up to Persona 5 as it would be relatively what new fans expect, especially when compared to the more scooby-doo-esque adventures of Persona 4. Not only that, but Persona 3 is far more in need of the remaster treatment due to the fact that there are two different versions of the game, one with improved gameplay and a second, female route while losing some of the exploration, and another version that lacks the female route and improved gameplay, but has more exploration and the epilogue chapter “The Answer.” A Persona 3 remaster could finally combine these two experiences into the definitive Persona 3.

Regardless of whether or not the Persona 3 remaster ever happens, I’ll still gladly buy this Persona 4 Ever More on day one because Persona 4 is still a solid game with a beautiful story. Of course, it’s also possible that while the magazine cover teases Persona 4, the Persona 3 reveal could be a bonus inside of the magazine or being saved for Sony’s E3 press conference next month or later this year at Tokyo Game Show. Alternatively, it might not be revealed until this Persona 4 project is released.

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