I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Illustration for article titled Nyrens Corner: A PlayStation 5 is Inevitable, but is it Just Around the Corner?

Console generations are tricky things. Console makers want the cycles to last longer, developers like longer cycles because they get more time to squeeze every last ounce of power of the system, but at the same time they hunger for even more power. The average lifespan of a console is somewhere between 4 to 7 years, with console makers pushing to get the max to 10 years, but not quite succeeding. As of right now, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are going to be 5 years old this year, with the PS4 getting an upgrade in its third year, and the Xbox One in its fourth. Some might consider a true next generation to be too soon. But whether they like it or not, the next generation may very well be right around the corner.

According to a leaker known as Sellars, who has a proven track record, PlayStation 5 development kits have already been sent out to third parties, meaning first party studios have already had them for some time. A development kit going out at this stage would indicate that the reveal and release of the PlayStation 5 will likely happen sometime either this year or next year. Beyond that though, there is no information on what the PlayStation 5 could be like. The obvious bit is that it’ll be more powerful than the PlayStation 4 Pro, which was more of a half-step when compared to the base PS4. However, the question then becomes: How it will stack up against the Xbox One X? While not a true next generation system the Xbox One X is leaps and bounds stronger than the original Xbox and surpasses the PlayStation 4 Pro by a decent margin. I’m not saying the PlayStation won’t surpass the One X, it certainly will given the Xbox One X still uses the same tech as the Xbox One and PS4. The question is more along the lines of how much stronger will it be by comparison?

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