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Nyren's Corner: A Professor Layton Game is Coming to Switch... if the Developers Can Solve a Problem

I’ll admit that I’ve never played a Professor Layton game, perhaps I should, but it’s always music to my ears when I hear that a handheld-only series is coming to the Nintendo Switch. In this case though, the developer, Level-5, needs to solve a gameplay issue. Because the series exists on the Nintendo DS family of consoles, the touchscreen is used heavily. This translates just fine to the Switch because it has a touchscreen. However, when docked, the touchscreen is inaccessible.


The obvious solution would be to make the game handheld-mode only like another title on the system, VOEZ, a rhythm game that requires the touchscreen. However, the fact that the developer is looking for solutions suggests they aren’t keen on that idea. Though, thinking about it, the first solution that comes to mind is to use the Joy-Con’s as pointers. You would think that they would have thought of this as well, so either it isn’t an option at all, or it’s a fallback solution.

This sort of problem is an inevitable one for series that are transitioning from the 3DS to the Switch. They have to figure out how to adapt their controls/systems to the different hardware. In handheld mode, the games will work relatively the same as they did before, just minus the second screen, but docked mode is where the trouble begins because the touchscreen isn’t an option anymore. Hopefully, for the sake of Layton fans and console gamers that have never played a Layton game before, they find a solution and bring the series to Switch.

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