That Fire Emblem Direct was less than half an hour, yet it was probably better than the entirety of the Switch Presentation from last week. Makes me think the Switch reveal should have been a Nintendo Direct. I’m getting off track though, that Direct was amazing and we got some interesting reveals. Though, I need to make this statement now: no Fire Emblem Fates - Revelations for Switch. I’m not really upset because I own Birthright already, but it is a tad disappointing that there won’t be a proper Fire Emblem game on Switch this year. But lets dig in to what we learned:

1) Fire Emblem Warriors is Coming to Both Nintendo Switch and New 3DS


Revealed last week at the Switch Presentation, Fire Emblem Warriors is basically the same as Hyrule Warriors and is a collaboration between Nintendo/Intelligent Systems and Koei Tecmo/Omega Force. So far the only confirmed character is Chrom from Fire Emblem Awakening, but you can rest assured there will be plenty more characters in typical Musou fashion. The game will be coming to both Nintendo Switch and New 3DS at the end of this year. I will say I’m a little confused about the 3DS part, not because I had ruled it out, to the contrary I thought it was possible because Hyrule Warriors came to 3DS, but because it seems limited to New 3DS this time. Now, I have no idea how many New 3DS systems were sold, I used to work for GameStop and people typically didn’t touch the New 3DS instead going for the base 3DS or the 2DS, and even after explaining that the New 3DS was better, they didn’t seem to care about the power bump. So I’ll be honest with you, unlike Hyrule Warriors which definitely had its audience expanded by being out on 3DS, locking this one to New 3DS sounds like a bad idea and a waste of resources, but that might just be me.

2) Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is Fire Emblem’s Last Hurrah on 3DS

This was a surprise announcement to be sure. No one expected an actual Fire Emblem game this year, but here it is. Fire Emblem Echoes was inspired by an older Fire Emblem title called Fire Emblem Gaiden which was only released in Japan. Now, when they say “inspired by” in the same trailer where they say “rebuilt from the ground up” I get a little confused as to whether this a remake, a reimagining, a spiritual successor, or a sequel. Their wording was weird, but nevertheless it looks really good and they’re certainly trying new things which is great. Fire Emblem Echoes will be releasing exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS on May 19th, 2017.

3) Fire Emblem Makes the Switch to Nintendo Switch


While Echoes holds down the 3DS fort this year, as of next year, Fire Emblem will become a Switch franchise. There was no full name given, no gameplay details or even a proper trailer, it was just the title card you see above and the fact that it’s coming to Nintendo Switch with zero word of a 3DS release. The working title, Fire Emblem for Nintendo Switch, indicates that it is likely exclusive to the Nintendo Switch and it was made clear this this is the next proper main installment in the Fire Emblem series after Fates. It will release sometime in 2018 and I imagine we’ll get a proper trailer sometime this year, probably around E3.

4) Fire Emblem Heroes Actually Looks Kind of Cool... It’s Also Free


We knew a Fire Emblem game was going to release for mobile devices sometime this year, but we didin’t know when or even anything about it. This was the full reveal and the game will release on February 2nd of this year for free with optional microtransactions. So a combination of Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run. It looks interesting so I’ll probably give it a try and never spend money on microtransactions. I mean, it’s free so I really don’t have a reason to not try it.