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Nyren's Corner: Battlefield Fans are Divided and EA Has an Unused Solution

The Battlefield series has been around for well over a decade now and in that time it has visited multiple eras of warfare. From the past, to the present, to the future. Recently it went back to the past, farther than its ever gone before. It went back to The Great War, retroactively known as World War I. And while historical accuracy can certainly be debated, I found the game to be fun and refreshing compared to Battlefield 4 and other modern day entries. However, I’m just one side of the fandom coin. The other side prefers the modern day shooters and may not even touch anything that goes back to the past. This creates a divide in the Battlefield community that can cause player counts to fall off a cliff. However, there is a solution, and it’s one that EA hasn’t seen fit to entertain.


Before there was Battlefield, there was Medal of Honor. Throughout most of its history, Medal of Honor was a WWII brand. It wasn’t until the 2010 reboot that the series entered the modern era like its sibling series Battlefield. However, Medal of Honor only survived two entries as a modern shooter before it was given the axe by EA. Back in the day, the original Medal of Honor on PS1, and its sequels Rising Sun & European Assault were some of my all time favorite games. Never really played Frontline, Allied Assault, Underground, or Airborne. I still play the original game from time to time despite the fact that it’s so dated, both graphically and in its control scheme.

There are a lot of shooter fans out there that want WWII games. The resurgence in the genres popularity is a testament to that. However, the audience for modern shooters is equally as large, if not potentially larger. So why not cater to both? EA could open up a new DICE studio or a different studio and give them the Medal of Honor IP to exclusively develop World War games to satisfy that crowd while DICE moves Battlefield to a strictly modern franchise. It’s not the worst idea in the world and gives purpose to an unused IP.

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