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I'm really feeling it!
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I love my Nintendo 3DS, I really do. I’ve had it for years and it has never failed to give me quality experiences no matter where I may go. But when the Nintendo Switch appeared on the scene, despite Nintendo’s claims, I saw the writing on the wall: Out with the 3DS, in with the Switch. Many agree with me that despite Nintendo’s claims to the contrary, the Switch is in fact Nintendo’s all-in-one plan for the future. Others do not agree with me and refuse to even consider the Switch a worthy successor, let alone even a handheld. Yet here we are, with more and more games that found their homes on the DS and 3DS, moving to the Switch. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is the latest of the 3DS’ more recognizable series making the jump as Capcom has announced that it is indeed developing a new entry for the Nintendo Switch.


Fire Emblem was the first 3DS series(It was on home consoles before, so this is more of a return.) to announce it’s jump from the 3DS to the Switch. While the Shin Megami Tensei series had announced a new entry for Switch, it’s exact identity remained a mystery until last month when it was officially titled Shin Megami Tensei V, signaling the series jump to Switch rather than be a spin-off. Monster Hunter came to Switch with Monster Hunter XX, though that series has clearly found its new home on PS4(Success yet to be seen, but I doubt sales will be poor.). The juggernaut itself, Pokemon, is also coming to Switch and leaving the 3DS behind with Game Freaks senior team members leading the charge on the new platform. The Professor Layton series also has a game confirmed to be currently in development for Switch(Or at least, they were testing it.). Nintendo has also been coy about its Animal Crossing series. They’ve never officially announced that a new entry was in development for the Switch, but when asked about it, they’ve also never denied it. The fact that their recent Animal Crossing Mobile Direct had to outright state there was no Switch news was also curious.

At this point, what else is left on the 3DS? I, honestly, can’t think of anything. If there was ever a time to say that the 3DS is running out of steam and switching over to fumes, this would be it. As far as high profile titles go, Pokemon UltraSun and UltraMoon are about it. Reviews for Mario Party: The Top 100 are in and while the minigames are great, it lacks what made those old Mario Party games great in the first place: Sitting on a couch playing boards with your friends. If it was on Switch, I could find tons of people to play with just by walking around and handing off controllers or hooking it up to a TV. With 3DS? I don’t know anyone I could play it with, and that’s not taking into account the games lack of classic boards and the need for others to have 3DS systems, with or without owning the game themselves.

At 6 years of age, the 3DS is entering the end stages of its life. It’ll still get games, definitely, and Nintendo has promised that support into 2019. The question is, will there be any big titles considering a lot have already jumped ship?

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