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Nyren's Corner: Dissidia Final Fantasy PS4 Confirmed, But Not Shown

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Okay, so confirmed is not quite right because we’ve know for a long time that the latest version of Dissidia Final Fantasy would be coming to PS4 eventually. The games exclusivity to arcades was only one year and it runs on modified PS4 architecture. However, I say confirmed because the games producer and director both officially acknowledged the legitimate PS4 versions existence in an interview with Famitsu Weekly, the transcript of which you can find here:


In it they confirm that the game will feature a proper story mode that fans are expecting which is why the game is taking longer to hit PS4 than it was initially assumed. Because the arcade version ran on a modified PS4 it was the general assumption of many that porting it wouldn’t take nearly as long as others games that go from arcades to home consoles, which would likely have been true if they didn’t need to make the story mode from scratch, so I can understand that it’s taking them more than one year to release the game. And of course one additional benefit of it releasing later is that there will be more characters in the game at launch. Currently there are about 21 characters in the game and the developers want at least 50 by some point in the future. They’ve also said that, should a character come around that would use it, they have permission to use Team Ninja’s Soft Engine, the engine that is responsible for the breast and butt physics in the Dead or Alive series. I can agree that there don’t seem to be many characters in the current roster that would make good use of it, but should they ever add Tifa to the game, well then I could see it being used there for obvious reasons.

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