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Nyren's Corner: Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Plans Supposedly Leaked

I saw this a few weeks back, but random 4chan/reddit rumors don’t always catch my attention. However, now actual outlets are coming out with this leak claim, so perhaps there’s some truth to it after all and so I feel like it’s worth a mention for all of you.

It’s no secret that Square Enix wants to do something special for the Final Fantasy franchises 30th anniversary. After all, they released this video:

At the end, “2017" appears, but with no game to represent it. It’s a tease of what’s to come, and if the leaks are to be believed now, they have some pretty big plans for next year and even a little bit into 2018. So let me break down these rumors. We’ll start with the big one.


Final Fantasy VII Remake Episode One Will Release in 2017

Many people don’t believe that VII Remake, even if it is episodic, could release in 2017. From announcement to release, it seems like it’d be too soon, but the truth is that VII Remake has been in development for three years at this point, having started pre-production in 2014 if Square is to believed. And this rumor states that VII Remake Episode One will release in 2017 as part of the series 30th anniversary celebration(Also makes sense because, ya know, it’s VII’s 20th anniversary.). As far as anyone outside of Square Enix knows, Final Fantasy XVI hasn’t even entered production yet, and neither has Type-Next(Teased at the end of Type-0 HD, but the director stated that since he had his hands full with XV he couldn’t work on it until that was completed.). This leaves 2017 vacant of any major Final Fantasy releases and while the rest of the supposed 30th anniversary plans sound like more than enough, having a major title would be icing on the proverbial cake. I doubt Square could pass up this golden opportunity.

A Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Collection is Apparently a Thing


Final Fantasy is a very old series, going back all the way to the original NES. Next year marks its 30th anniversary, and according to this leak, Square have decided that its time to put all the Final Fantasy games in one place.

Final Fantasy’s I through IX will be packaged onto a single disc as a collection for PS4 and PS Vita. I through VI will also have their mobile/handheld versions as optionals so you can choose which version you prefer. The games will also be based on the original Japanese versions, which means that all content that was cut from the US release will be restored. However, if censorship was present, it will supposedly remain, which is a bummer.


Of course, the leak further states that there will be two additional versions of the collection. The Collector’s Edition will include some extras, but the Crystal Complete Edition will contain the best goodies... but it’s limited quantity like XV’s Ultimate Collector’s Edition. It will contain not only the first nine Final Fantasy titles, but also X/X-2 HD, XII: The Zodiac Age, XIII Trilogy Remasters(Will go into detail on this one further down.), XIV: A Realm Reborn + Expansions(Heavensward and Stormblood) + 3 Month Subscription, and XV + all its DLC. It will also come with special items for XI Mobile and XIV. For the physcial version, it will also include the soundtrack to every game compiled onto two discs(I assume its all games, but the leak merely states two discs for the soundtrack.), a crystal necklace, Moogle plushie, Black Mage Statue, all three Final Fantasy Trading Card Game starter decks, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children(Doesn’t state whether its the Complete Director’s Cut version or the original release. I would imagine Complete, but it’s anyones guess.), Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV, and everything will be packaged in a luxury chest with the Final Fantasy logo on it.

That’s a lot and would definitely be a great addition to VII Remake’s release. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!


UPDATE: Forgot to mention that while VII through IX will not feature alternative versions, they will be based on their newest ports. So VIII and IX will be based on their PC versions(Correct me if I’m wrong. I know IX is PC definitely, but VIII I’m not 100% sure of.) while VII will definitely be the PS4 version for obvious reasons.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age & Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy Will Release on PS4


We already knew that Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, a remaster based on the international version of the game, would be releasing in 2017, this rumor just further confirms that the date is set in stone. However, it won’t be the only title receiving the remaster treatment. Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2, and Lightning Returns(XIII-3) will also receive a release on PS4 as a 3-disc trilogy set with a screen resolution bump to 1080p and framerate bump to 60fps. No other details were given so it’s up for debate as to whether or not it will receive further graphical enhancements. If the PC ports are anything to go by, they may receive bumps to shadow resolution, but nothing more.

Square Enix Expands Their PC Plans for 2017 and Beyond


The home stretch of the leak reveals what Square Enix has planned for the PC market both in 2017 and 2018. For next year, Square has plans to release Final Fantasy I, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, and Chrono Trigger on Steam before the end of the year. In 2018, Square plans to release Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy VII Remake Episode One on PC as well. Those last two still have a fluctuating time frame, with whoever leaked it in the first place suggesting an early to mid 2018 release window, but not discounting a late 2018 release as well. This makes sense for XV due to the amount of work Director Hajime Tabata has stated he wants to put into the PC release, in addition to the ever fluctuating amount of DLC and content patches. In the case of VII Remake, perhaps we’re looking at the beginning of simultaneous development for home consoles and PC for the Final Fantasy franchise, with the PC release of VIIR needing extra time to make it better than the PS4 version.

And that’s everything from the leak. Keep in mind that none of this is confirmed for Xbox One, only rumored for PS4, Vita(The standard version of the Collection only.), and PC. The leak also specifies that these are the North American plans only. Obviously take all of this with a huge grain of salt, as this would be a massive undertaking. I’m gonna get hyped for it, simply because that’s how I am. Having every single mainline Final Fantasy title(Well, ok, not EVERY title as XI is absent for obvious reasons. For those who don’t know, XI was the first Final Fantasy MMO and recently went offline on everything except for mobile apparently. In other words, unless Square remakes the game into a single-player title, it will never be remastered and released on any other platforms.) on one system(Technically two because of PC.) is a huge deal and it’ll be a great time for anyone that has been on the fence with the franchise to hop in.


Author’s Note: This is a bit of an afterthought that I should have included when I originally published this, but better late than never. It is a shame that, if true, Before Crisis, Crisis Core, and Dirge of Cerberus are not being included as compliments to Final Fantasy VII. Despite the general distaste for VII’s prequels and sequels, they are still a part of the overall story and giving fans the complete experience wouldn’t be such a bad idea. The leak also doesn’t specify whether or not IV: The After Years, IV’s sequel, is included.

Granted, the VII compilation titles would be harder to include on the same disc, so I imagine those would work better with the Collector’s Edition or Crystal Complete Edition, but IV: The After Years should be included with the rest of the I - IX collection.


And if we’re talking about celebrating the Final Fantasy franchise, it seems odd to me to not include the very games that pay homage to the series as whole, namely Dissidia and World of Final Fantasy. Again though, those would probably fit better with the Crystal Complete Edition due to size(Of course, a PS4 release of the newest Dissidia game would more than make up for all of this.).

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