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Nyren's Corner: Final Fantasy XV's DLC Plans Have Been Expanded Once Again

A new banner used to promote the upcoming Final Fantasy XV Royal and Windows Editions

Love it or hate it, Final Fantasy XV has become an ever-evolving game. Over the last year, the developers at Square Enix have continued to push out content updates for the game that add all sorts of new features as well as new story content. This is in addition to the regular paid DLC(The content updates have all been free.) which take more time to develop. Last year we received Episode Gladiolus, Episode Prompto, Episode Ignis, and Comrades. The first three plugged holes in the original story, explaining what these characters were doing when they were separated from the main protagonist, Noctis. The fourth DLC, Comrades, was a multiplayer expansion set during the latter events of the game, connecting Chapter 13 to Chapter 14.

Last summer, Square Enix polled gamers to see what they’d be interesting in seeing added to the game. The poll suggested expanded story content surrounding certain characters as well as gameplay enhancements, such as character switching, which was implemented in a content update back in December. The option with the most votes was story DLC revolving around the games main antagonist, Ardyn. While the developers initially didn’t know what medium to create this in, they ultimately decided that regular DLC was the best option. As a result, Episode Ardyn is scheduled to be the first DLC for the games second year of updates. An Episode Lunafreya was also hinted at, which would give players the opportunity to spend more time with Princess Lunafreya, a major character in the game who ended up getting shafted in the screentime department resulting in some major story beats not having the sort of impact they should have had. A third DLC was also announced to be in the works, but unlike Episode Ardyn and Episode Lunafreya, DLC #3 is an enigma. It will likely be similar to the other two, but no one knows for certain.


Originally, that was all there was supposed to be for 2018 aside from the large list of content being added by the new Royal Edition of the game, content which is being sold separately for $20 upon release for those who own the original game. However, it has now been revealed that Square Enix’s DLC plans have expanded once more(They originally only planned to support the game for one year.) with a 4th DLC being tacked on with a release in 2019.

I’m all for more story content, though I do sympathize with those who wish a lot of this was in the game to begin with, or those waiting for a complete edition with all DLC bundled in. If it’s any consolation, all the DLC from the first year is bundled in both the Royal and Window’s Edition’s of the game, and the Royal Edition content is included in the Windows Edition at no extra charge.

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