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Nyren's Corner: Fire Emblem Fates - Revelations May Be Headed to Nintendo Switch

According to a NeoGAF user who went snooping in some source code for tomorrow’s Fire Emblem Direct where more information will be shared about Fire Emblem Warriors for Nintendo Switch which was announced last week at the Nintendo Switch Presentation, the user discovered an interesting little nugget of information. According to the code, Fire Emblem Fates: Revelations could quite possibly be heading for the Nintendo Switch. Beyond that not much more is known. It could be a straight port of the 3DS game, it could be up-rezzed to 1080p docked/720p portable, or they could be going much farther than that and creating all new HD assets for the game. That last option wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility as Pokemon Sun & Moon are rumored to be receiving a combined version ala Pokemon Emerald and Platinum currently codenamed Pokemon Stars for the Nintendo Switch using higher quality assets.


This would be, in all likelihood, the special edition version of Fire Emblem Fates which came with all three story paths, with Birthright and Conquest being included on a single cartridge(I think, don’t quote me on that.) and Revelations as downloadable DLC. The only difference being that all three paths are now likely to be included on a single Switch cartridge rather than any of them being a digital download(Well, unless you go digital that is.). Moving a main Fire Emblem title to Switch would definitely be a sure sign that the next Fire Emblem game, likely due to release in Japan next year and revealed sometime this year, will be releasing on the Nintendo Switch, just as Pokemon Stars would signal Pokemon’s move to Switch. We’ll know for certain if this version of Fates is due for release on the Switch tomorrow at 5pm EST.

Update: Turns out this might have just been copy-pasted code from the 3DS Fates site, meaning that Revelations may not be coming to Switch after all. However, the possibility still remains as it was in fact labeled as Fire Emblem Fates: Revelations for Switch. Someone went through the trouble of changing 3DS to Switch and didn’t remove it from the code. We’ll know for certain tomorrow if it really is coming to Switch or if it was just lazy coding work.

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