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Nyren's Corner: Good News & Bad News for Final Fantasy VII Remake


The Bad News: Remake might not be out by 2019 like I had predicted.

Okay, so anyone with half a brain could have deduced that the game, after losing half its progress at least in the last year, would not make it by 2019. But I was hopefully optimistic about it, believing that Square’s Business Division 1 is more than capable of pumping out a game with what would amount to 4 years worth of work. But if a recent interview is anything to go by, perhaps not. Now, an update seems to suggest that the 2023 date was actually a joke and that it will come sooner than that, but it does throw my initial prediction into question. It could still make it by 2019, but that slowly but surely is starting to look less and less likely.

The Good News: Nobuo Uematsu is returning to score the game.

Need I really tell you why this is great news? Uematsu was the original composer for the Final Fantasy series and scored the original Final Fantasy VII. With him on the team, it completes the original team of Nomura, Kitase, Nojima, and Uematsu. The only difference is that Kitase gave Nomura his original position of director to take on a producer role, while Nomura still handles character design duties. What the return of Uematsu means is that the remade score for Final Fantasy VII will be the ultimate rendition of it.


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