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Nyren's Corner: "GVMERS" is My New Favorite Youtube Channel

What do you get when you combine classic History Channel documentaries with video games? You get the Youtube channel “GVMERS”. It’s something I never knew I wanted until now, but the concept on its own isn’t really enough. No, what really sells this channel and its content is the narrator who reminds me of so many classic documentaries I watched growing up. There’s a vintage feel to the narration that makes me a bit nostalgia for old WWII documentaries.

In terms of content, GVMERS mostly covers franchises that have fallen out of the public eye in recent years, such as Medal of Honor and Brothers in Arms, but they also have videos chronicling the history of ongoing franchises such as Halo. They also have videos on cancelled titles like StarCraft Ghost and Project Offset. There’s just something, maybe the narration, that makes me want to sit down and watch these half hour long documentaries. I want to see more content from this team, and I may just support their Patreon to make those hour long documentaries a reality.


Honestly, this article wasn’t planned to be long. I want their content to speak for itself in terms of its quality.

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