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Nyren's Corner: If Quake Champions is Bethesda's Smash, Could We See Guests?

If you haven’t heard the word, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is one of the most hyped games of 2018, and it’s one of the biggest crossovers in gaming history. Once upon a time it was only Nintendo characters, but with the release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, we saw the introduction of Solid Snake to the roster, a third party character. And since then a plethora of guest characters have appeared in the games, with Smash Ultimate having all of them plus some new ones.


In an interview with IGN, id Software admitted that with the introduction of the Doom Slayer and B.J. Blazkowicz to Quake Champions, they’re seriously considering turning it into their own Smash, an FPS Smash. At the moment it’s more or less contained to IP’s under the Zenimax/Bethesda Softworks umbrella, so we’ll likely see, say, Corvo from Dishonored, one of the Vault Dwellers from the Fallout series, possibly the Dragonborn from Skyrim, who knows, it’s all a guessing game for right now. What we do know, is that it’s likely that having a first-person perspective is a prerequisite for being considered, though I don’t think it would be out of the question for third person shooters to make the cut, albeit with a switch to a first person camera. So knowing that Bethesda/Zenimax franchises with first-person perspectives are definitely under consideration, the real question is: Would they consider third-party guests? And if so, who? I’ll admit, I can’t think of very many, and most of the ones I can think of would likely be exclusive to whatever platform you happen to be playing on. But since Quake Champions is currently only on PC, lets forget about platform restrictions for a second and just fantasize, sound good?

1) John-117 a.k.a. Master Chief

This one was a no-brainer and, honestly, would be the most likely candidate. Halo is a very iconic FPS franchise and if you ask a number of game developers out there, they’ll tell you that at one point or another they played Halo, they loved Halo, and I don’t doubt that there are Halo fans at id Software. Fun fact, the engine that every Halo game has used up until now, the BLAM! Engine/Halo Engine, was originally based on the Quake Engine, though BLAM! has officially been replaced with the presumably from scratch Slipspace Engine being used to build Halo Infinite(Halo 6).

Halo’s roots are that of the arena shooter genre, which Quake belongs too. As a result, the core gameplay is not all that different, or at least it didn’t used to be. The Master Chief, being the obvious representative, has superhuman physical abilities that haven’t really been seen in the games, but they exist, and would make him fit in just fine in Quake Champions as a Microsoft representative, and since Halo has been on PC, both in the past and in the future, the stage is already set, they just gotta say when.


2) Marcus Fenix


Microsoft has two major mascots. We’ve already covered the Master Chief, who fits the game perfectly and doesn’t look out of place next to the Doom Slayer, but now we gotta talk about the less likely, but still very fitting mascot: Marcus Fenix. The character, in and of himself, is nothing special. He isn’t superhuman, or inhuman, or anything like that. He’s just a normal, very muscular, human being... who wields a rifle with a goddamn chainsaw bayonet. Carving your enemies into bloody chunks with a chainsaw strapped to a gun just seems so... fitting. But that’s really the one thing wouldn’t make Marcus completely out of place in an arena FPS. He comes from a third person shooter, so seeing the Lancer from a first person perspective would certainly be a new perspective. The real question, if he did get picked, would be how does he play? Even I can’t really has that one out, but I do know chainsaws would be involved.

3) Samus Aran


Nintendo has been making a lot of bold changes to how they conduct business ever since the Switch launched early last year. They’ve claimed the Switch is a place for hardcore gamers, they got rid of region locking, they’ve stopped altering the content of their games for western shores, and they’ve joined hands with Microsoft for cross-platform play. They’ve even lent their beloved characters to outside developers(namely Ubisoft) for Mario+Rabbids and now Star Fox in Starlink: Battle for Atlas. And out of their entire portfolio, they have one FPS series, and a character with abilities that make it a perfect fit for an arena shooter.

Samus Aran is a badass bounty hunter with a powered suit of armor that boosts her physical abilities far past that of a normal human, and even in her Zero Suit she can still kick all kinds of ass. I can picture turning in the morph ball and laying bombs at other players feet if they dare to stand still. The Varia Suit and the Zero Suit are so different that they could be completely different characters, but merging the two to create a unique character would be well worth it. It’d be like D.Va from Overwatch who is super powerful in her mech, and not quite as powerful, but more agile outside of it.


Granted, the odds of Samus ever being allowed in a crossover game, especially one that isn’t on a Nintendo platform, is slim, but you gotta admit it’s a cool idea.

4) Nathan Hale


Sony doesn’t have much in the way of FPS games, so the pickings are slim, but if there is one character that would make sense, it’d probably be Nathan Hale from Resistance. He’s superhuman thanks to the Chimera Virus, and his weapons at the very least stand out. Hale is more than capable of wreaking havoc and eviscerating enemies, which honestly is about all you need for a game that involves eviscerating your enemies.

5) Adam Jensen


Now, I’ll admit that I don’t know a lot about Quake. Hell, if you’re a big Quake fan, have played Quake Champions, then odds are if you’re reading this then by now you’ve probably been shaking your head disapprovingly because I don’t understand Quake and my suggestions suck. And hell, I was scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas when I got to Nathan Hale, Sony didn’t give me much to work with. But at least I’ve stuck to characters who can run and gun with the best of ‘em. Adam Jensen though? His games are first-person, but he’s less run & gun and more hit & run. While you can go balls to the wall guns blazing in Deus Ex, most trailers depict Adam as a more balance type who uses stealth, but isn’t afraid to bring the pain when necessary. Still, a hit & run playstyle would certainly be an interesting twist, especially with the plethora of augmentations at his disposal which could make for interesting gameplay.

Plus, if Square Enix could get him in, it wouldn’t be a bad idea. At the moment the Deus Ex series is in incubation mode while Eidos Montreal works on Shadow of the Tomb Raider and collabs with Crystal Dynamic on Marvel’s Avengers. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep Jensen in public view.


6) Commander Shepard


Like Marcus Fenix, Commander Shepard is just a normal human being. A physically fit one, but otherwise normal. Well, except for the fact that he’s special forces, and his credits include almost singlehandedly saving the entire galaxy despite his normalness. Well, if you were anything other than a Biotic anyway. Point stands, Shepard is a badass who can definitely throw down, though with what weapons is up for debate. I doubt an Avenger would put a dent in anything, but then again the Master Chief would probably be packing an assault rifle and a magnum that could be used for hunting big game, so I guess anything could work really, maybe throw in some biotic abilities to mix things up a little. Not sure how things would look from a first person perspective though since Mass Effect is a TPS.

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