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Nyren's Corner: If Star Fox Grand Prix is Real, I'll Be Disappointed

Nintendo has been killing it with the Switch lately with no bad releases, and on top of that they released new installments in both the Zelda and Mario series that felt fresh and exciting. My hope, and many others, was that they would do for their other IP’s, namely the dormant ones, that they did for Mario and Zelda, what they did previously for Metroid with Metroid Prime, and Donkey Kong with Donkey Kong Country Returns, reinvigorate those IP’s that have fallen to the wayside. I’m talking of course about F-Zero and Star Fox, the latter of which got a new installment recently that didn’t do so hot, while the former has been absent since the GameCube.


The hope was that they would revive the F-Zero racing series, and come up with a way to make Star Fox great again after the flop that was Star Fox Zero. There was so much potential for both of these series, but it has seemingly been squandered, and by an unexpected developer no less. Retro Studios, the brains behind Metroid Prime and Donkey Kong Country Returns, are reportedly developing... Star Fox Grand Prix. Yes, a Star Fox racing game. The decision both baffles and depresses me. Retro would have been the perfect pick for a Star Fox Adventures 2, it would be the perfect way to reinvigorate the Star Fox IP for the modern era. And why not use F-Zero for a racing game? It makes no sense to do a Star Fox racing game. If they were going to do a racing game, Shin’en Multimedia, the developers of Fast RMX, would have been a far better pick as Fast RMX is practically a spiritual successor to F-Zero.

Now, admittedly, for all I know they could reveal this game and it’ll be the best thing since sliced bread and I’ll be eating my shorts, but I have even less faith in this being good than I did Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. At the very least it feels more unnecessary.

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