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Nyren's Corner: I'm Finally Sold on Battlefield V

Over the last 5 months, the conversation surrounding Battlefield V has been dominated by the developers inclusive, yet divisive decisions regarding the multiplayer portion of the game. And to be honest, despite how much I wanted a World War II Battlefield game, the game they were advertising just wasn’t what I had asked for. I don’t necessarily have a problem with it, because multiplayer tends to devolve into shenanigans anyway, but it was more how the developers went about it all that just told me they gave no shits and that I shouldn’t either. The last shred of hope I had was for the singleplayer campaign to do World War II justice just like Battlefield 1, but all we knew was that it would follow the War Story structure once again, and that one story was about a Norwegian girl. They talked very little about it beyond that. Well, the singleplayer trailer finally dropped this week and finally gave me a reason to be hyped for Battlefield V.

The World War II that many are familiar with is the World War II from the American perspective, which didn’t begin until June of 1944, and then the war ended in 1945, but World War II began as far back as 1939 and various other countries had been fighting against Germany, Italy, and Japan before the US intervened. DICE’s goal for Battlefield V’s singleplayer is to tell these unknown stories of World War II. Unlike the multiplayer, it’s entirely based on historical events and tries to be as accurate as possible, while still being a game at the end of the day. The characters themselves and their personal stories may be original creations of DICE(From what I’ve read, the historical basis for the events of Nordly’s story actually involved six Norwegian men, however, this one can be fudged a bit since it was a resistance movement and they would have taken anyone they could get.), but the events that surround them were real.


The War Story that I’m most interested in, however, is the one pictured in the header image for this article, The Last Tiger. In most, if not all, previous games set in World War II, you always played as the Americans, the British, the Russians, the French Resistance, and even the Canadians at least once, but you never played as the Germans who served as the antagonists for all of them. Now, however, DICE heard the feedback from Battlefield 1 and has decided to do a War Story from the perspective of a German tank crew, who have begun to question why they fight, what they’re fighting for, while also coming to terms with everything they’ve done(For clarification though, they are part of the Wehrmacht, not the SS or anyone involved with the Nazi’s. Not all Germans are Nazi’s, end of story.). This is something that did happen. Even the infamous General Erwin Rommel, who earned the nickname “Desert Fox” during the campaigns in Africa, rebelled against Hitler towards the very end of the war, and ultimately committed suicide before he could face trial for treason which would have resulted in his execution anyway.

And yes, while this may be hard for you to believe, there were in fact African soldiers in World War II. Shocker, I know. They came from Senegal and other African countries that had some relation to France and were brought to France to fight against Germany, to fight for a home they had never seen before. So yes, they were there, yes, this is historically accurate, just like everything else in Battlefield V’s War Stories. And that’s what has me pumped for it now. All these things I haven’t seen before, all these things I didn’t know about before. Now I have incentive to learn about them, now I get to see them.

Hopefully, after launch, DICE will continue to work on more War Stories. The Last Tiger is a post-launch DLC coming in December(Free, mind you.) and there are still many other parts of World War II not featured at launch in the game, such as the Eastern Theatre(Russia), D-Day and beyond(US intervenes), anything involving Italy which has not been seen since Medal of Honor Airborne, and of course the Pacific Theatre which has not been featured in a game since Call of Duty: World at War. DICE has an opportunity to explore unknown parts of World War II while also breathing new life into events that we’ve seen before. If they didn’t want to do Normandy for example because it’s been done to death(Though it would still make a perfect Grand Operations map.), they could do the Battle of the Bulge.

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