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Nyren's Corner: Indie Developer Leaks Nintendo Switch Specs

Like with the recently leaked Xbox Scorpio white paper, an indie developer, not referenced in this article, leaked a document containing the technical specifications of the Nintendo Switch. As was previously reported by Eurogamer and Digital Foundry, the specs are a near match, if not identical too, NVIDIA’s Tegra X1 chip that they used in their own Shield tablet in 2015. Since it has now come from an actual developer(no name given), this lends more credibility to the leaked specs whereas before it was just Eurogamer saying “Trust us, we have our sources” and Digital Foundry and took it and ran with it and so did the whole damn internet.


However, I’m gonna stop the celebratory dances that some of you may be having because you’ve been riding the X1 train since December. The leaked documents are dated July 15th, 2016, which matches up with other rumors that suggested the specs were based on the July development kits, the one that every developer has access too. But it isn’t the only dev kit out there for the Nintendo Switch. According to both Laura Kate Dale and a Foxconn leak that came before her own statement, a new dev kit went out in October to major partners, so it isn’t one that an indie dev would likely have access to. The specs of this second dev kit were higher than that of the July model, but I for the life of me can’t remember how much higher, but odds are not too much higher, but the specs of the July kit were not the final or actual specs.

And that’s on top of the third dev kit that was vastly more powerful than either of the previous two, one that could rival the PS4 Pro in terms of power. The leading theory for me and many others is that this mysterious third model is for a supplemental computing device that will likely come in the form of a new dock that brings the console experience up to par with the competition.

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