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Nyren's Corner - Kingdom Come: Deliverance Has Surpassed One Million Units Sold

I’ve long been an avid supporter of this hardcore medieval RPG, so it makes me very happy to hear that the game has surpassed 1 million copies sold in less than two weeks. This likely does not include copies of the game given to Kickstarter backers and slacker backers, of which I am included. It would seem that any controversy surrounding the games director, Daniel Vavra, or the games political incorrectness, hasn’t had much of an effect on sales, which is good to hear.


To put this into perspective, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is considered an indie game. Originally it was shopped around to various publishers, but none were willing to take a chance on the game. This caused the developers to look towards private investors as their last hope to fund the games development. In the end, they managed to find an investor who promised to fund the game should it reach a set goal on Kickstarter to prove there’s interest in such a game. The Kickstarter was a success and as a result the developers got the funding they needed to go full steam ahead into production. A few delays later and they were finally ready to launch the game(Partly due to them running low on funds to draw out the games development any further, which is why it shipped with so many glaring bugs.), securing a partnership with publisher Deep Silver in the process who would handle the physical releases of the game for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

So for an indie game whose budget likely falls far short of something like The Elder Scrolls, and is definitely a niche title, one million in sales, in less than two weeks, is one hell of an accomplishment. I hope to have my own review of the game up within the next week and a half after I’ve put a lot more time into it.

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