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Nyren's Corner: Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Impressions

I still remember when this game was leaked earlier this year and everyone started flipping out because they thought it was the stupidest idea ever. Mario and Rabbids? Who would ever like that?! And then we got a promo poster leak that showed Rabbid Peach taking a selfie and Mario wielding a laser cannon. How could it possibly get any worse?

Well, it didn’t.

E3 arrived and everyone was blown away by the X-COM-esque tactical gameplay and suddenly forgot all about Rabbid Peach and her selfie’s. Two and a half months later and the game is finally in players hands, including this guy’s. I got to play Kingdom Battle after my copy arrived two days after its release, and I can say the wait was definitely worth it.


Admittedly you’ll do a lot of running around collecting coins, but as you make your way through the different areas that the game has to offer, you’ll run into battlefield after battlefield and have to use every tactic at your disposal to vanquish your enemies. Dashing into an enemy Rabbid and then running back and having an ally toss you into a new location for a second ranged attack can be so satisfying when executed perfectly. Of course, there are multiple enemy types to keep things from getting too stale.

As for the games story, it’s there, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a tad confused. It starts in our world, an inventor invents a machine that can combine objects just by looking at them, she walks away and the Rabbids show up in some sort of washing machine time machine or something, I don’t know. They run around like idiots, which made me laugh, then they use the headset that combines things and it goes crazy, and then they end up in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Yeah, makes sense, in a Rabbids sort of way.

The only real gripe I have with the game though is the graphics. The art style is fine, it makes the game look good. What bugs me is the very noticeable aliasing on everything. Either someone forgot to switch on the anti-aliasing, or the game is running at 720p in docked mode, and even then anti-aliasing would have solved the problem. I saw less aliasing in Breath of the Wild, and that was likely a far more demanding game than this. Even the poly count is noticeably low on some models. It’s as if Ubisoft wasn’t entirely sure how far they could push the Switch and decided to play it safe on the graphical front. It’s a minor complaint of course, I love everything else about the game, it just seems like someone forgot to flip a switch here or there.


All in all, while my time with Kingdom Battle has been somewhat brief(About 3 hours or so.), I’m enjoying it. Now I’m curious to see how much it sold and if Ubisoft will continue to support the Switch. If they do, then the next big publisher that has to make a decision is EA, so people better buy FIFA(I’m not because I don’t care about soccer and I’m not gonna buy a game and then not play it. But, ya know, if you like soccer, maybe consider buying the game so EA doesn’t pull support again.).

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