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I think it’s about time for a little change of pace. I’ve been talking about the Nintendo Switch a LOT and that’s to say nothing of lists focused on this generation and the previous generation. Where’s the love for the sixth generation? Well here it is, though specifically for the GameCube which I feel does not get enough love. Sure it had those little mini-discs that gave developers a headache, but the GameCube was the last time that Nintendo actually tried to compete hardware-wise with Microsoft and Sony. It was more powerful than the PS2, but under the Xbox because Microsoft went above and beyond with that thing. There were a lot of great games on the GameCube I’ll be damned if I don’t give them the praise they deserve.

1) Pokemon Colosseum


The Pokemon series is Nintendo’s pride and joy when it comes to third party exclusives, but the mainline titles always stay on handhelds. Once upon a time, Game Freak decided to make an effort to bring a Pokemon RPG to consoles in the form of Colosseum. It didn’t have as much content as your standard Pokemon title, but it made a valiant effort at being a console Pokemon game. To this day I think Wes is one of the coolest looking protagonist Pokemon has ever had and let us not forget the fabulous Mirror B who is one of the best antagonists the series has ever seen(Is that a little too much praise?). Plus, being able to connect your GBA systems to the GameCube and battle your friends using Colosseum as a 3D battle simulator was absolutely fantastic.

2) Super Smash Bros. Melee

I’ve played every Smash Bros. game and while I can’t quite wrap my finger around it as to why, Melee is my favorite. I love Brawl and I love Smash Wii U, but for some reason Melee just tops them all. I couldn’t care less about the competitive aspects of it or the meta, I just love laying the smackdown on my friends using Link(Even though I’m usually the one that loses.) and to this day no experience I’ve had with Brawl or Wii U can top what I had in Melee. Heck, even visually speaking it still holds up to this day which is amazing considering how old it is.

3) Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Falsebound Kingdom


While my favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! game of the sixth generation was Duelists of the Roses on PS2, The Falsebound Kingdom for GameCube was a completely different experience from your typical Yu-Gi-Oh1 game. Rather than a card game, Falsebound Kingdom was an RPG. Typical missions involved capturing enemy strongholds on a map by defeating them in duels that had up to three monsters on each time and you battled until every last monster on your opponents side was defeated. Let me tell you that it was kind of unfair to the AI after you get one of the three god monsters, there was no stopping the players rampage at that point, but thankfully that’s end game and new game plus content.

4) Metroid Prime 2: Echoes


People can claim that Metroid was never the most popular Nintendo franchise, and maybe they’re right at times, but the Metroid Prime series put the series on a lot of peoples radars because it was just that good. I’ve never played the original Metroid Prime(despite owning it as part of the trilogy pack on Wii U), but I have played Echoes and Corruption, but Echoes tis this day, despite having never finished it due to the difficulty curve, remains burned into my brain because of how good it was. I wanted to scan everything and learn as much as I could about the Metroid world and of course the setting of Echoes, and Samus had a pretty cool design. While I will never forget the fact that it took me a long time(read: years) to beat one of the bosses, I will never forget how fun and unique the game was. Now if only Nintendo can recapture that magic on Switch...

5) Zoids: Battle Legends


Ah Zoids, one of my favorite childhood series. So imagine my delight when I finally found a Zoids game worth playing. Battle Legends was the US release of Zoids Vs. II, a 2v2 battle arena game. You pick your Zoids from an admittedly very large roster, customize them to your liking, and then duke it out in one of many maps. It was the Zoids experience I always wanted and man was I a beast at this game. None of my friends could ever beat me and my Liger Phoenix. I spent way too much time in the story mode and the ladder mode which is how I got the Liger Phoenix in the first place and in all honesty it was cheap to use a Zoid I played so long to get against my friends and their default Zoids. ‘Twas kind of overkill.

6) Luigi’s Mansion


It was about time my man Luigi got some love. I spent my childhood playing as Luigi(And I’m sure you can guess why.) so it was only fitting that he get upgraded to main protagonist status at some point. Granted, Luigi’s Mansion is a completely different experience from Mario’s regular platforming, but man if it wasn’t fun. It kind of shocked me when the sequel went to 3DS and not Wii U, but if the rumors are true, then I can’t wait to play this fine game on the Switch’s virtual console.

7) Star Fox Adventures


Yeah, I get it, not a lot of people liked Star Fox Adventures because it wasn’t Star Fox 64 2.0, but being my first Star Fox game I loved it. I loved exploring an alien planet as Fox McCloud and kicking butt using a staff rather than a blaster. And the story wasn’t terrible, at least not to me anyway.

8) The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was my very first Zelda game and I bought it right around the time it came out. I had to beg my parents to get it for me of course, and they did so begrudgingly, and the only reason I wanted it... was because of the wolf on the cover and the cool artwork. And then I fell in love with the game and Link became my favorite Nintendo character. I also love Twilight Princess because of its more mature story and the graphics reflected that. Don’t get me wrong, I love the look of Breath of the Wild and that will in likelihood become my new favorite Zelda game, but man what I wouldn’t give to see a Zelda game with photo-realistic graphics, kind of like Hyrule Warriors, but even better. Photo-realism may not age well, but for its time it’s always great, especially now with diminishing returns.

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