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One of the big topics concerning the Switch ever since the January 12th reveal event was that its launch lineup was not very big. At that time it was around 5 games and has since grown to 10 or 12 titles. There’s a little something for everyone in this lineup, but if you’re looking to buy a single genre in bulk I expect you’ll be sorely disappointed. For me personally I was originally planning to only get Breath of the Wild at launch because nothing else that was being offered interested me. However, I’ve since changed my tune as more and more previews have come out. Here’s what I’ll be getting on day one:

1) The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

If you follow my articles at all you will know that I am head over heels for Breath of the Wild. It may be a Wii U game at heart with some touch-ups for the Switch, but as far as launch titles go this is the one that is going to be purchased alongside the vast majority of Switch units. I just love everything about this game, from its aesthetic to its soundtrack and all the way down to the very free-form gameplay that encourages exploration and discovery, all while maintaining a full main questline that Nintendo has further improved on by the looks of things with voice acting and more cinematic cutscenes. I can’t wait to get my hands on this game and it will definitely be the Switch title I spend the most time with for the forseeable future.


2) Fast RMX

Fast RMX is the third game in the Fast series of futuristic high speed racing games. If you’ve ever played an F-Zero game, then you know exactly what to expect from Fast RMX which is the followup to 2015's Fast Racing Neo that released on the Wii U. Some people have interpreted the “RMX” in the title to stand for “remix” as if this game is essentially a director’s cut of Fast Racing Neo similar to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. It is not. Fast RMX is a sequel and it really shows with the number of available tracks having doubled from the previous game and an increased number of vehicles to choose from. I loved Fast Racing Neo, especially when playing it with friends despite how unstable its framerate was, and I fully intend to get this $20 game off the eshop on launch day so that I have a multiplayer game in my stable.

3) 1-2-Switch

Surprise! Bet you weren’t expecting this one were you? I’ve been sort of outspoken in the fact that I think 1-2-Switch is not worth $50 and should have been a pack-in title, and that I also think it’s not the greatest thing Nintendo has ever come up with. I mean really, a mini-game about milking cows? Eating sandwiches? Answering a phone? CRADLING A BABY?! There are just some ridiculous ideas for mini-games in this collection. I did not originally plan to buy this game, at all. However, as it drew closer to launch and I saw impression videos of people playing the fun mini-games, I realized how much fun this could be to play with my parents, or with my siblings, all of whom are not big gamers. They enjoy things like Wii Sports and Kinect Sports, and while this is no Wii Sports, it offers an experience that you honestly can’t get on any other system and can potentially lead to hilarious moments because it’s just so goofy. It’s a party game and that is where it accels, at catering to a market that the competing systems have more or less neglected this generation. I can take this game to my friends houses and we’ll have a great time playing quick draw. I finally see what this game has to offer and the fact that, as an Amazon Prime member, I can get the game for $10 less, makes it tempting to get so that I have something more appealing to non-gamers for family gatherings.


And those are the three games I plan to get at launch. It’s only 3 games out of 10 or 12, but that’s enough for me. Launch titles, even when supplemented by third party releases, are often mediocre in quality because they’re rushed to meet the launch date. However, I’ve found three games that are quality and feel worth owning because they each have their own niche and I can whip them out when the situation calls for it. Breath of the Wild for my main gaming sessions and for when no one else is around, Fast RMX when I need a break from Zelda and when I have a few friends over, and 1-2-Switch for those goofy family gatherings. Not that there aren’t other games that I want out of the launch line-up, they just aren’t on my priority list considering I’m unemployed and have a limited budget to work with. The other games I wouldn’t mind having are as follows:

Super Bomberman R - I’ve never played a Bomberman game, ever, but I’ve heard they’re good fun. The problem is that this game does not look like it’s worth the full $60 price tag it’s sporting, just like 1-2-Switch, and people who’ve seen it running at shows and tried it have reported that it’s kind of choppy and graphically not up to snuff in some way or another. Since 1-2-Switch is a Nintendo title you can expect quality so that got bumped up above Bomberman, plus it was cheaper.


I Am Setsuna - I didn’t pick up this game on PS4 or PC like I had originally planned, again a budgetary issue, but it looks right at home on the Switch’s portable screen and so I’ve decided that this is where I want to play it when I eventually get around to purchasing it.

Shovel Knight - I missed this one when it first released. Everyone was ranting and raving about how great it was, but I just wasn’t very interested in 2D sidescrollers that used pixel art. To me that was a very outdated form of art that should have stayed on the GameBoy. However, my tune has since changed and I’ve seen the charm in it and so now I’m ready to give it a fair chance.


Redout - I’m not getting this one for a few, minor reasons. 1) It’s more expensive than Fast RMX. 2) It’s on other platforms and likely looks better on them. 3) Call it brand loyalty, but the Fast series has been around since 2011 exclusively on Nintendo hardware and I feel more confident in buying Fast RMX, a game that is from a developer who clearly knows how to get every last speck of power out of the console they’re working with. Not only is Fast RMX 1080p60 on Switch, but that remains so even during 4-player split-screen, on top of general graphical improvements such as sharper textures, better lighting, and of course improved weather effects. That’s impressive. Redout is a port and so I don’t have as much faith that it’ll run well on the Switch.

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