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Let me get this out of the way now: Nintendo gets every penny I have from now until the end of time because this presentation just floored me. It had its ups, it had its downs, but overall I liked what I saw and I want what I saw. I will say that reading some reactions to all of it, I’m a bit confused because it seems to be very divided. A lot of people are as in love with it as I am, and there are a lot of people who make it seem like Nintendo just kicked their puppy or something. I watched the stream via IGN for the pre and post show and the comments were just filled with trolls and people with a stick up their ass. I made a single comment point out that the version of Skyrim coming to Switch is not the X360/PS3 version judging by stuff like the lighting and snow shaders, and I was immediately attacked because I was sticking up for the Switch. It isn’t that I didn’t expect this kind of response(Especially on IGN), but I didn’t expect how loud it appears to be.

But that’s enough about that, lets talk specifics, what did I think of all of this? Lets go one by one:

1) I Want to Know More About HD Rumble


Nintendo pioneered rumble functionality on the Nintendo 64 using the Rumble Pak and over the years rumble functionality hasn’t changed too much. The main difference is that it isn’t JUST rumbling, both sides of the controller rumble, the analog triggers have their own rumbling, that sort of thing. Nintendo’s new HD Rumble sounds like something that is different from what the Xbox One controller does. The problem is that I can’t tell how it actually feels without holding the controller myself. Like VR it doesn’t translate well in a video. So I want to know more, I want to hold it, but I’m not Press and I don’t live anywhere near where they’ll be demoing the Switch, so I’ll have to wait until my local GameStop sets up a display or something or when I get the system.

2) ARMS Sounds Like it May Be My New Favorite Game to Play With Friends

ARMS, like Splatoon, has classic Nintendo written all over it. It looks really fun to play and it takes full advantage of the Joy-Cons versatility to create a truly unique play experience. It also looks gorgeous which is always a plus. I kind of wish that they had live demonstrations rather than pre-recorded videos, but I guess that’s for another time.

3) 1, 2, Switch is Not on My Radar


Since the Wii Nintendo has always had a party game that demonstrates how the new controllers can be utilized. The Wii had Wii Sports which was a fantastic way to show off the brand new motion controls, the Wii U had Nintendo Land which had 5-player mini-games that demonstrated how the GamePad could be used. Me and my friends absolutely love playing Nintendo Land. The Nintendo Switch has 1, 2, Switch and quite frankly I’m not interested. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there’s fun to be had otherwise they wouldn’t have come this far with it, but I just fail to see how you’re going to play Tennis without looking at the TV or Switch. You have to see the tennis ball coming otherwise you won’t know how to swing. I mean, I guess that is partly the premise, to watch your opponent and guess their next move, but that seems really weird for a game that is meant to be this systems Wii Sports.

4) Super Mario Odyssey Looks Very Interesting


The game looks amazing graphically, you can’t deny that. Gameplay wise it looks a lot like Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, another plus. The new hat abilities seem interesting and should definitely change things ups. Story-wise it’s classic Mario, take it or leave it, but there seems to be an interesting twist to it so who knows, it might be something quite different than we’re expecting. It’s a shame that it doesn’t come out until the end of the year, but Nintendo needs something for that season so it might as well be Mario all polished up.

5) The Price May Be Too Steep

Multiple rumors said the Switch would be $249.99, which seemed like a reasonable price for the Switch. Nintendo needs to sell this to a lot of people. However, the real price is $299.99 which is the same price as the Xbox One S and the PlayStation 4 Slim, and that’s not good because those two will drop in price before Switch does, so people can buy a more powerful system for less. To say the price worries me is an understatement. I’ll pay it, but I wonder how many others will want to pay that much.


6) No Word on GameCube Virtual Console

This was just a rumor, so I can’t be entirely disappointed by this. Nintendo never confirmed it, they didin’t mention it during the event, so who knows if it actually exists. The kicker is that they never once talked about the triggers on the Joy-Con’s. You could see it a lot, but they never once mentioned it or showed it even being used. If the rumors were right, Luigi’s Mansion is one of the GC VC titles and that requires analog triggers, so it would have been crucial for them to demonstrate that the Joy-Con has that. But they didn’t, so we may not know for quite a while.


7) Breath of the Wild Could Sell the Switch on its Own


It came as no surprise to anyone that Breath of the Wild was shown, and it should have surprised no one that they saved it for last. They knew how important it was, they got everybody involved with the release date reveal, and they nailed it. Zelda is a launch title and the trailer just absolutely floored me. The storytelling looks like it’ll be on a completely different level from previous Zelda games and that has me excited.

8) Joy-Con Conrollers and Extra Docks are Way Too Expensive

Okay, the Joy-Cons are a bit more understable at $79.99. They’re sold as a set so you get two controllers for what is basically the price of one Xbox One controller, or at least, what it used to be sold at or close too. The dock however is where I’m most stunned. I believe it was $89.99, this was all mentioned on the IGN post show, not the event. But if that’s right, that’s outrageous for something that supposedly does nothing more than charge the Switch and output to the TV. I think I’m only gonna have one and that’ll be the one that comes with the system. I originally planned to have two or three, but not anymore, that’s just too much money.


9) Xenoblade 2 is Definitely Looking Great


I’ll be honest, I did not expect Monolith Soft to have something ready for the event, rumor said they probably wouldn’t have something ready for the event, but that they were working on a game. Xenoblade 2 is it and they had a great trailer. The game looks just as good, if not better than, Xenoblade X, and I’m interested in seeing more of the game hopefully at E3.

10) They Didn’t Announce All of the Launch Titles

This disappointed me because they need people to want this system, they need people to buy this system, so they have to tell consumers what they can get when the system launches in March. Breath of the Wild is great, but there needs to be more options because once people finish Zelda... what then? I imagine 1, 2, Switch is a launch title, and while ARMS was listed as Spring 2017 I assume it’ll be a launch title though I’m curious why they weren’t willing to commit. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is April so that’s out of the question. I just feel like Nintendo dropped the ball by not revealing their full launch lineup with less than two months to go.


11) There Was a Distinct Lack of Current-Gen Ports

Yeah, yeah, I know, you don’t want to see ports, but these ports are actually important. They’re the proof that Switch can get newer games that the competition gets, but there was nothing except for FIFA and that’s not exactly very interesting. Hand it to EA to bring an uninteresting title to promote the Switch without even showing it.


All in all I’m excited for the Switch, I want a Switch day one, but I remain slightly worried for its future.

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