Oh hey, look what time it is. Lets just cut to the chase. Remember this article I wrote:

At the time it was this supposed leak from a Foxconn employee. The information came from a Chinese website and translated into English. So you can imagine that some things get lost in translation. Well, some of the information in it seemed to contradict previous rumors, such as the screen being 1080p and the higher than Xbox One and PS4 clock speeds. This latest rumor however, coming from Laura Kate Dale(I feel like her name gets thrown around a lot, and she’s had some hits and some misses, so grains of salt people.), might just clear that up. I’d post a link, but its a tweet and the tweet for some reason goes to the left side of the screen rather than centering, so it looks weird.

According to her, the Switch will display at 720p natively, but when placed in the dock, which has no extra processing, the Switch will overclock, boosting clock speeds, turning on an extra fan in the back of the dock, and be able to render 1080p images on the television. This matches up with the Foxconn leak, which was the first to report that the Switch dock has a hole in the back for ventilation, which obviously was for a fan.


Overclocking while docked has been a prevalent theory among gamers ever since the Switch was announced. Originally it was believed the dock had extra processing power in it, but it was clarified that the dock is just that: a dock. Nevertheless, the overclocking theory remained and now the rumor is an official rumor. When docked, the Switch will overclock allowing it to render games at 1080p natively on televisions, thanks in part to the docks extra cooling. Whether or not this overclocking will lead to other improvements, such as framerate or general graphics enhancements remains to be seen, but at least we’ll get a clearer image if the rumor turns out to be true.

Additionally, Lets Play Video Games reported one other thing that has me quite interested. Supposedly, From Software has been working with a Switch dev kit for quite a while and has managed to get Dark Souls III running on the Nintendo Switch with satisfactory performance. And while they haven’t decided on whether or not it will actually be released, they are heavily considering it in addition to bundling it and all its DLC with the first two Dark Souls games and their DLC. I don’t think I have to tell you that Dark Souls III running on the Switch is a big deal if it’s true. Up until now, the third party games confirmed to be on the Switch(or rumored to be.) have been things like remasters, such as Skyrim Special Edition(Which is interesting in and of itself because Bethesda said they would only support the Switch(NX at the time.) if it could at least match the Xbox One.), but Dark Souls III is a current-gen and PC title. It was not released for the previous systems. Now, the version running on the Switch is likely to be an altered Xbox One version, but the fact that it’s running at a performance they like is exciting.



Also, there’s one extra leak that popped up today and this one is something that is almost 100% true because it was glimpsed on EB Games Australia’s website before it was very quickly taken down. Two accessories for the Nintendo Switch were listed. One was a USB-C charging cable that was around 10 feet in length(Not a wall charger though. It was USB-C to USB-A. The C end goes in the Switch, A into something with a USB port.). This confirms previous rumors that the Switch uses USB-C for charging, which is a lot faster than the proprietary charger that Nintendo has been using since the DS days. It would also cut down on costs as well so it’s a win-win. And fear not for you people who love wall charging and car charging. Since USB-C is a universal standard, you can buy third party USB-C chargers for the car or outlets I imagine in case you don’t have a nearby USB port or docking station to plug into. The other leaked accessory was a case for the handheld unit. The case has storage for games and screen protectors as well as the unit itself. Makes sense that they’d make a case for it since this isn’t something you can just fit into your pocket, it’s too big unless you have abnormally large pockets. And since it isn’t a clam shell design, the screen can be easily scratched. Having a case to carry it around in sounds like a good deal as well as the obvious screen protectors for extra safety.


I wish that more had leaked out or the rumors had been juicier, but it’s only a little over a month until we get official information on a lot of this stuff. We just gotta hang in there(And wait for the next round of weekly rumors.).