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Nyren's Corner: Next Call of Duty Potentially Returning to World War II

Let me just throw this out there that this could very likely be a false rumor. The source is a youtube channel with, well, less than one thousand views per video, so this could easily be some kind of publicity stunt to raise views. So rather than point you to the video itself, I’ll point you to PC Gamer’s article on the subject:


Now, with all of that said, there’s also a chance that this is real and this person managed to get pictures. Activision has a habit of revealing their latest Call of Duty installment within the next month, so promotional materials and information are going to start circulating. This is also Sledgehammer Games’ turn to release a Call of Duty title and in 2014 they had expressed interest in returning to World War II and utilizing the latest technology to bring it to life like no other World War II game as well as giving it a Band of Brothers style robustness. Activision also stated in February that the series would be returning to its roots. This could mean a variety of things, but World War II was where the franchise began, so it fits the criteria.

So there’s reason to believe that this could be legit, but take it with a large grain of salt. For all I know, it could be disproven within the next few days. Right now all we have is what looks like a poster and some potential box art, maybe we’ll get more in the next week or two. Or, ya know, we can wait for Activision to actually reveal the game in give or take a month.

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