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Nyren's Corner: Nintendo Comments on GameCube Virtual Console

Many of us have been wondering for months as to whether or not the rumors of the Nintendo Switch having a GameCube virtual console were true. The system had a lot of great games on it that many would love to play again, and while this interview still doesn’t confirm that there WILL be GC VC, it is brought up.

In a recent interview with Nintendo’s Yoshiaki Koizumi and Shinya Takahashi, they stated that they couldn’t really comment on it right now, but that they are working on some things along those lines(Those lines being GC VC. It’s them saying they’re tinkering with it basically without outright confirming it.). However, they didn’t stop there. They said that if they were to do GameCube themed Joy-Cons, then they would indeed add analog triggers in place of the current digital ones which would be necessary for some games that require analog functionality.


Of course, fans have done mock-ups in the past few months of what GameCube Joy-Cons could look like. I think Mr. Takahashi has thought of the same thing as he mentions in the interview that he thinks they would be bulky and hideous, referring to something like the above image where the Joy-Cons are actually shaped like two halves of the GC controller. If they were even to consider that, the C-Stick would likely be replaced by a second analog stick like it is on the Wii U GC controllers.

If Nintendo does make a GC Joy-Cons, I imagine it will look more like the above. Same standard design as the other Joy-Cons, but with colors that match the GC’s default colors and larger analog triggers on the back. And who knows, they may even throw in a full D-Pad rather than individual buttons, but that might not be in the cards because these could theoretically be used as standalone controllers as well and a segmented D-Pad works best as face buttons.


Either way, they’ve slightly confirmed that they’re working on GC VC, if not something similar like a GC Mini, and that they’ve considered GC Joy-Cons. So all of that is good news.

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