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Nyren's Corner: Nintendo Switch Accessories Leak Ahead of Thursday Reveal + Images

So I just knew it, I knew I couldn’t go one week, not even the reveal week, without a credible leak appearing. It popped up today and even came with images, fancy that. I won’t bore you with talk so I’ll just give the names of the items and an image to go with it if there is one.

1) Zelda: Breath of the Wild Skin Set


For $9.99 you could be the lucky owner of a beautiful Breath of the Wild Skin Set for your Nintendo Switch dock and controller grip. Releasing in March 2017.

2) 24-Slot Zelda-Themed Cartridge Case

Thanks to google translate and a little bit of common sense, you will be able to purchase a Zelda-themed cartridge case with 24 slots.

There’s also a transparent, non-Zelda case:


3) Joy-Con Multi-Charger


As if there was any doubt whatsoever, there will be a charging station that can charge up to 4 Joy-Con controllers simultaneously.

4) Analog Joystick and Trigger Accessories


Thank you again Google Translate. You will be able to purchase a set that includes grips for the analog joysticks and improved triggers. It improves precision and comfort.

5) Nintendo Switch PlayStand


It’s been known for a while that the USB-C charging port is on the bottom of the tablet device. So if you can’t find a dock to charge the Switch, you have to plug it in. However, this meant that you couldn’t use the kickstand because the propping the system up with the kickstand would block the charging port. This PlayStand will let you prop the system up and charge it at the same time.

6) Screen Protector


A screen protector for the Nintendo Switch that promises no dust, no bubbles, no frustration, and it’s easy to apply.

7) LAN Adapter


This one I didn’t even need to translate because LAN Adapter is universal. So the good news is that you’ll be able to have a wired internet connection, the bad news is that you need this adapter AND it doesn’t say specifically what you connect it to on the Switch end. The assumption of course is USB. The dock has at least two USB ports, possibly three, but the Switch tablet, at this current moment, is only known to have a USB-C port, which is for charging and docking. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to find out how to plug the thing in because I imagine a lot of people are gonna want one of these.

8) Car Charger


Because everyone can use a car charger.

9) Real Arcade Pro Fight Stick


This one is out of left field, but I’m sure fighting game enthusiasts will be happy to see they can buy one. The question is: Is there are a fighting game other than Smash coming to Switch(I mean Pokken Tournament Switch would be a no-brainer, but I mean other, bigger fighting games.)?

10) Zelda-Themed Protector for Nintendo Switch


This gets its own section because it’s different from the screen protector listed above. That one was like a sticker you put over top of the screen. This is a protector that covers more than just the screen as you can see. And it’s Zelda-themed too.

Oh, and here’s another protector:


11) HORI Pad


We already knew that Nintendo had their own pro controller, this is HORI’s version. Looks a little more like a boomerang.

12) Zelda: Breath of the Wild Accessory Set


It contains the following:

- 1 zipped carrying case with gilded artwork

- 1 cartridge case that can carry 6 games

- 1 microfiber cleaning cloth

- 1 Hori protective filter

- 2 Joycon protectors in the colors of the game

13) Rigid Black Carrying Case


It’s a black carrying case that can also carry 4 cartridges. What more do you need to know?

14) Nintendo Switch Starter Set


It’s a starter set for the Nintendo Switch. You get a carrying case for the system, a cartridge case, a screen protector, and something for the Joy-Con’s, it doesn’t say specifically. Bets are on a protector for them.

And that’s all I got, and the source is here:



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