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I’m not gonna lie, I’m getting really damn tired of all this.

The latest rumor comes courtesy of multiple sources and is even backed by known Nintendo leaker Emily Rogers. In this latest round of rumors we dial the clock back to a Kanto region post-Sun & Moon adventures where Red & Blue have returned to Kanto and will play some role in a story with new protagonists. HM’s will not play a part and it will be similar to Sun & Moon instead with Pokerides. The games, titled Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu Edition & Let’s Go Eevee Edition will, as you can probably guess, have integration with the Pokemon Go smartphone game even going so far as to say the capture mechanic is the same.


I don’t think I need to tell you how ridiculous this sounds, and normally no one would take it very seriously since the original leak was posted on 4Chan all the way back on April 1st. However, recently a hand drawn logo appeared(That someone pointed out has mispelled kanji in it.) and Emily Rogers backed it by saying that she’s heard the new Pokemon games are related to Pokemon Go is some way.

Naturally, I’m see a very different response to this rumor than I did the previous one about a post apocalyptic Kanto. Fans were understandably skeptical of the previous rumors, but also much more accepting and interested. However, in the case of these Pokemon Yellow remakes as they were referred to in the leak, I’ve seen a lot more fans express disappointment and disbelief, and yet at the same time belief because Pokemon Go was so huge and it makes sense that Game Freak and the Pokemon Company would want to try and cash in on that phenomenon which I had swore died last year. But as a core Pokemon title and the first one on Switch, quite a few people don’t want to accept this because it sounds nothing like the game many picured in their heads or just plain expected to get. It’s highly likely that the Pokemon Company and Game Freak thought this was a great idea(if it’s true.) and expected fans to be all over the idea, but they must be having a serious case of whiplash right about now since the “fake” leaks were well received and the “true” leaks are more or less being panned.

Hopefully this will all be over soon and we’ll know what’s true and what’s not. While I’m happy to finally have stuff to write frequently about again, I’m getting tired of writing about Pokemon Switch, especially when it changes from day to day.

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