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Nyren's Corner: Square Enix is Toying With My Nostalgia... and I Love It.

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Having grown up in the late 90's and early 00's, I have a fondness for old-school JRPG’s. I didn’t play many back then, but that style of game was all over the place and every time I see it in newer games, I’m reminded of my childhood and Square Enix knows damn well what they’re doing.


A few years ago, Square announced a game called Project Setsuna which was being developed by a new studio called Tokyo RPG Factory, which had been formed with the express purpose of creating JRPG’s that resembled those from the genre’s early days. The kinds of games that had great stories and characters, but could be completed in less than 3 years. And while I Am Setsuna may not have been the breakout hit that many had hoped it would be, the spark was there. From its whimsical style, to its serious story and characters and even classic gameplay. It certainly resembles the JRPG’s of old, even if it doesn’t quite reach those highs.

True to its name, Tokyo RPG Factory has just announced ANOTHER title, Lost Sphear, which is chasing the same dream that I Am Setsuna did.

Just from that trailer alone I get a mixture of emotions that I rarely get these days. I love games like Nier Automata, Tales of Berseria, and other assorted games that leverage the power of the consoles they live on, and there will always be a place for those. But I’m sure there are many others like me out there that miss the games of their childhood, and Tokyo RPG Factory and Square Enix are making good on those promises of nostalgia, even if it isn’t perfect. I want Lost Sphear already. I have no idea how good it’ll end up being or how short it might be. What I do know is that there’s just something missing from games these days that, somehow, Tokyo RPG Factory’s titles seem to have even if I can’t put my finger on what exactly it is.


And lets not forget this little number that we haven’t seen in months:

Say what you will about the weird development process with Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Kingdom Hearts III, Square Enix seems to have their shit together for these more classic-style games.

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