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Nyren's Corner: Tetsuya Nomura is Rumored to No Longer Be Working on Final Fantasy VII Remake

This rumor sounds like a bad joke, but if it’s true, I feel really, really bad for Nomura. All he wants to do is make the games of his dreams and Square seems insistent on not letting him finish a damn thing that isn’t Kingdom Hearts. First he was pulled off of Final Fantasy XV in 2014, his passion project since 2005, because Square felt his talents were best utilized elsewhere(i.e. Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII Remake), resulting in XV being rushed out the door to meet a deadline it in all honesty was not ready for. Still a great game, but it was not the game that would have been produced under Nomura had he been given the chance and time. Then they revealed he was directing the Final Fantasy VII Remake. The team assembled to remake this classic was the dream team, the only remaining members of that development team from 1997. Nomura was promoted from character designer to director, VII’s original director Yoshinori Kitase moved to the producers seat, and the games original writer Kazushige Nojima returned to rewrite the story(No word on if Nobuo Uematsu is returning to compose the score, though his previous statements suggest he had yet to be asked.). It was the perfect team to tackle this remake. This rumor? Suggests Square is going to screw up yet another Final Fantasy game in the name of time and money.


According to this rumor which has laughable sources, Nomura has been removed from the directors chair and replaced with Kyohei Suzuki, who worked on two Kingdom Hearts games, the PSP Dissidia titles, and Final Fantasy: All the Bravest. Yeah, that sham of a mobile game. Like, this doesn’t make any sense to me. You could argue that he has a very bad habit of missing deadlines and taking too long, but the games he puts out are quality titles and successful. You want that if you’re a company. Instead this rumor is suggesting that Square cares more about capitalizing on, not only both the series 30th anniversary and VII’s 20th anniversary, but also XV’s success. They want a game out in 2017 to rival that and they want to get it done in the fastest way possible. This means that corners will be cut, despite the fact that the whole reason they went episodic was to avoid cutting content on top of adding brand new content. This screams rush job to me. Hopefully it’s just a bunch of crap and Nomura is still in the chair. Some fans may have their reservations about Nomura directing, but in this situation, if you were going to remove him from the directors chair, Kitase would be the only reasonable choice to replace him if you want fans to still expect a quality product. I guess we’ll find out in a month.

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