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Nyren's Corner: The Developers of Kingdom Come: Deliverance are a Very Honest Bunch

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a title that has been in some form of development since give or take 2012 when it was simply a conceptual Medieval RPG. When it went to Kickstarter and was completely funded(Stretch goals included.), it was a glorious day. I love magic and dragons as much as the next guy, but I’ve really wanted a more realistic take on the Medieval time period, and Kingdom Come is it. But even after funding, the game ran into some roadblocks causing it to miss its estimated Winter 2015 release and, inevitably, its 2016 release. However Warhorse Studios, headed by Mafia I & II veteran Daniel Vavra, have been quite transparent about the problems that Kingdom Come has faced over the last three years. The game is so detailed in every little thing it does that its taken them quite some time to implement, and as Daniel puts it in the latest video update, they added something and it broke the whole thing so they’re hard at work fixing it. Here’s the video:

Originally the game was set to have a playable female character as part of the prologue before switching over to the games main protagonist Daniel. This was a stretch goal that was met, however, they’ve had to delay that bit of the game until after launch, but it will be free for those who backed the game. Another stretch goal, the dog companion, has unfortunately been cut because they wanted to do it right, but they don’t have the time or resources to commit to it like they thought they did and its future, along with the blacksmithing mini-game which has also been cut due to its complexity, is up in the air. They could be released as DLC later on down the line or added in an update, or they could be saved for the next game as this is simply the first part in a saga.


However, the update wasn’t all doom and gloom. While they’ve had to cut features that were near and dear to them and that they had promised the fans, they’ve been able to add more than they originally intended to. Polearms are now a usable weapon despite Daniel being very sure they wouldn’t be able to do that, and hand to hand combat is also a thing now(Though I swear it was before. Maybe it wasn’t this detailed.). In addition they’ve managed to get combat while on horseback working. In the case of swords its a very basic implementation because they didn’t have time for anything else, but archery is fully featured. The game world is also much larger than they had originally planned for, growing from I believe 7km to 14km(The video will correct me if I got that wrong.).

Their passion for this game is unlike any other I’ve seen and it really shows in how honest they are about development troubles as well as the length they’re willing to go to create the game of their dreams which is a realistic Medieval RPG. I backed the game for $60 and while some things I was promised are no longer coming or will come later, I don’t feel lied too or cheated because they gave me an honest answer for the problems and everything else they’re giving me is more than enough to make up for it(I also didn’t really care about the playable female character prologue. That wasn’t even originally part of the game, it was tacked on because people complained about the main character not only being not customizable aside from stats, weaponry, and clothing, but also not having a choosable sex.).

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