I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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As we draw ever closer to E3, rumors and leaks begin to crop up like wildfire. In the last few weeks, rumors about Pokemon Switch have begun to fall out of the sky. Recently, I reported on a rumor that suggested the new game will indeed be set in the Kanto region, but far into the future where the ocean is engulfing the entire region with Pallet Town already submerged. A legendary serpent was also mentioned to be involved. This latest rumor builds upon all of that.

According to the latest rumor, as reported by Youtuber NGameTheCube who received an anonymous message containing the information as well as the insider said information was obtained from(NGameTheCube does say to take it all with a decent dose of salt just in case it turns out to be fake, and I second that sentiment.). According to this insider, Pokemon Switch is indeed set during a time, described as being apocalyptic, where the ocean is rising and Kanto is covered in snow. By this time, Pallet Town is already submerged, though it’s hinted at that the region becomes more and more submerged as the story progresses. A legendary poison-type serpent, called Jormungandr, will play a part in the story as well as a second new legendary, referred to in a previous rumor as being another serpent and brother to the first.


Players, for the second time in the Pokemon series, will not be confined to a single region. In addition to the Kanto region, players will be able to freely travel to the Unova region, which is mentioned as being where the player goes to get help. The theme of the game is supposedly climate change, and it is indeed Gen 8 with new Pokemon appearing across the Kanto and Unova regions, likely due to the shifts in climate. The leaker then said their insider was quote as saying “brace for change” when asked about the gameplay. The graphics are supposedly a cross between UltraSun/UltraMoon and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, conflicting with two previous rumors that suggested the graphical style was more of a mix of Sun/Moon and Pokken. As for the reveal of the game, it will be “in a few weeks.” So basically the game will be revealed by no later than E3. Game Freak is also under a lot of pressure to complete and release the game by the end of the year.

Going by the leakers description of the story, it’s safe to say that the Unova regions Forces of Nature legendary trio will likely play a role in the story. Though that does the beg the question of why the Weather Trio from the Hoenn region, Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza, are not also a part of the story since their command of sea, land, and air make more sense than wind, lightning, and... the ability to make crops crow. Regardless, if any of this is true, we’ll find out how this all plays out when the games release this fall(hopefully.).

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