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Nyren's Corner: The Rest of the Games I'm Excited for in 2017

So the reason I split the list in two is because when I’ve done prior lists I’ve had one of two things happen: 1) Someone on mobile has trouble scrolling through it because the sheer amount of videos is just too much for their phone or tablet to handle. And 2) I end up trying to cut it off somewhere and relegate everything else to an honorable mentions section, but the truth is that a lot of games that I’m usually equally excited for or really like and want to share get placed there so the article doesn’t drag on forever and ever. This time I decided to split it in two and do the second part after the new year has begun So lets get Act II rolling!

NieR: Automata

I’ll admit, I had my reservations about this game. I haven’t played the first game, but it was my understanding that it had a really great story. So my expectations for this game were high. But until recently the trailers weren’t really doing anything for me. The gameplay looks great don’t get me wrong, but it almost seemed like there was no real story to be had. The above trailer convinced me that it just might have the potential for a great story like its predecessor.


Detroit: Become Human

I absolutely love the games from Quantic Dream. Not everyone does, but at least they try to do something... different with their games. They’re like Telltale, they tell stories using the minimum amount of gameplay required. For people like me who love stories, these games are perfect because there is no difficulty barrier and they’re capable of telling better stories than movies because they can have all the time they need to tell it. Heavy Rain is one of my all time favorite games and while I didn’t finish Beyond: Two Souls, I still loved it. Detroit: Become Human likely won’t be any different. It seems to be taking the Heavy Rain approach with multiple protagonists, each with their own story and the possibility of connecting somewhere. I didn’t include this on the first part of the list like I wanted too because the game didn’t really have a definitive release date, not even a release window, however, yesterday Sony posted up a sizzle reel for 2017 and in it Detroit was featured, suggesting that it may release this year, so now I have a reason to include it on this list.

Tales of Berseria

I currently have a love/hate relationship with this game. On one hand it’s a Tales game, and I loved Graces F & Xillia, but on the other hand I’m already aware of a localization change that was made to both the North American and European release of the game. I won’t go into explicit details on it because even though the scene happens early in the game, some people may consider it a major spoiler, all you need to know is that the way a specific character dies was changed so it could be rated as “fantasy violence” and keep the game under an M-rating even though nothing indicated it would become M. And if you’ve been reading my stuff since I started writing here back in March, you’d know I absolutely hate it when developers make changes like these in the localization process. I can understand why they do it, it just frustrates me to no end because I wanted the game as it was originally envisioned and not the revised version which in this case I feel lacks the emotional punch it originally had. It went from being personal to indirect. That aside though, for once, it isn’t enough to deter me from wanting to play this game as by all accounts the plot is still the same and it sounds really good.



I don’t care if it’s like Dark Souls or any other game, Nioh looks gorgeous and the story seems interesting to me. I also have a fondness for Feudal-era Japan and Japanese mythology, so this game is like a combination of things that I love. Not much more to say honestly, though it is a nice touch that a lot of characters speak Japanese while a few speak English because it makes sense.


South Park: The Fractured But Whole

The Stick of Truth was one of the most hilarious games I’ve ever played. I always loved South Park, but I never thought it would work as a game. It did, and they’re doing it again. I’m hyped, a lot of people are hyped, I’ve already laughed more times than I can count at the trailers, it’s going to be a good time.


Star Wars Battlefront 2


I will be completely honest with you, I’m 50/50 on this one. The reboot of the Battlefront franchise was, to put it lightly, a bit of a letdown. No space combat until the Death Star DLC, no Clone Wars, vehicles were locked behind tokens that were map pickups, the whole card system, lack of content in general, no singleplayer campaign, it was just stupid. The only thing I can give DICE credit for is creating a Star Wars game that at least felt authentic. But that’s it. Han Solo’s blaster alone was one of the best weapons in the game which was just stupid. People wanted DICE to make Battlefront because they made Battlefield which in essence was not all that different from Battlefront II. People wanted a Battlefield: Star Wars Edition, and at the same time they DIDN’T want Battlefield: Star Wars Edition, and so what we got was a game that was neither Battlefield nor Battlefront, and it suffered because of it. Now, we know that Battlefront 2 will have a singleplayer campaign which is fantastic, but I believe they said there still won’t be any Clone Wars stuff, and that instead they’ll be doing sequel trilogy stuff, and that bugs me because there is so much more to the prequel trilogy right now than there is in the sequel trilogy. There’s also far more demand for it. I can’t help, but be worried that Battlefront 2 will only be a half-step in the right direction rather than leaps and bounds better. Still, I’m keeping an open mind so we’ll see what happens.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Say what you will about Daniel Vavra, but the man had a vision and through various trials and tribulations he and his team at Warhorse Studios have managed to make the game of their dreams and it just so happens to be the game of my dreams as well. I’ve always wanted a more realistic medieval game and that is exactly what I’m getting. Granted, some features had to unfortunately be cut because they just didn’t have the time or budget to finish them to their liking, but they still have the chance to be added to the game post-launch for free. I also love how unapologetically politically incorrect this game is. I’ve always hated political correctness so a game that isn’t afraid to do something is a welcome sight. Then again, a lot of European developers are like that. The Witcher 3 is not ashamed of its content and I love it for that. Oh, and Kingdom Come looks fun so there’s that.



A Japanese developer wholeheartedly supporting Microsoft is truly a sight to behold, and considering it’s Platinum Games, that makes it even better. Microsoft has barely any presence in Japan to the point where just about all Japanese support for the Xbox One vanished overnight. Platinum and Scalebound however, have remained by Microsofts side these last couple of years and with Microsoft giving them all the time they need to make Scalebound great I can’t help, but be excited for it.


Gundam Versus

I love Mobile Suit Gundam, and I love the Gundam Vs. series. They aren’t really fighting games, I guess battle arena would be more appropriate to describe them. They’re 2v2 matches where you pick a mobile suit which has its own unique weapons and abilities and you duke it out in an arena until one side has its reinforcement points depleted. More powerful mobile suits cost more points so it takes less deaths to lose. Gundam Extreme Vs. Full Boost is one of my favorite games and I was very disappointed when the first non-Dynasty Warriors Gundam title in years to be released in the West was the portable version of Extreme Vs. Yuck. This one, simply titled Gundam Versus at the moment, is not being built for arcades and then ported to consoles. It’s a PS4 game through and through and I believe it was mentioned somewhere it will see a western release, though at the very least it’s getting an Asian release with English subtitles(not that I care, the dialogue is repetitive anyway.) so that’s a step in the right direction. All in all I’m very excited to see more of this game and to eventually get my hands on it, even if I have to import it.

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