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Every publisher has those couple series that are forgotten to time or shuffled around so much that they get lost in the flood of new IP’s. Many of us probably have fond memories of those long dormant franchises, games that we may have trouble playing these days if we don’t have the proper system. These are just two series, specifically ones primarily associated with Sony, that I think could use the Crash N-Sane Trilogy treatment.

1) MediEvil


I grew up with a PlayStation One in my living room. Didn’t have a lot of games for it, but I did have this nice little demo disc that had a whole bunch of, well, demo’s on it. One of those demo’s was for the original MediEvil(I had another disc that had a demo for MediEvil 2 on it, but that’s besides the point.). It’s hard not to love the snarky statues, goofy characters, and the undead Sir Daniel Fortesque himself. Daniel was one of the mascots of the original PlayStation alongside Crash and Spyro. His adventures were fun ones and quite different from what you’d find in a Crash or Spyro game. Unlike Spyro who lives on in the Skylanders games, Daniel’s last appearance was in the PlayStation All-Stars brawler for PS3 and Vita. He was one of those characters that you’d have to forgive people for not knowing because it’s only us older gamers that would honestly remember him.

2) Spyro the Dragon

Compared to Sir Daniel Fortesque, everyone still knows Spyro since he frequently appears in the Skylanders titles. It’s like a constant reminder of our childhoods and that we’ll probably never get a standalone Spyro game. Like MediEvil, my demo disc had a demo for the original Spyro the Dragon. I played it over and over and over again because it was just so whimsical, so fun. A lot of these older games had this kind of charm that you just don’t really see anymore and it’s something that I feel needs to be reintroduced without any sort of changes to get across what makes these games so great. That is, if Spyro can ever get away from Skylanders.

Crash Bandicoot is getting his whole original trilogy remade for the PS4 and it looks fantastic. I’d love to see both MediEvil and Spyro get the same treatment, and depending on reception, perhaps new installments. We get our nostalgia and childhoods back, and Sony gets more IP’s to play around with. Of course, that kind of depends on if the current owners of the IP’s wish to play ball.

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