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Nyren's Corner: What Games Does Nintendo Still Have for Fall 2018?

When E3 rolled around, Nintendo had a couple games to show off, but outside of Smash Bros. it didn’t really blow anyone’s socks off and people began to feel like Nintendo’s second year with the Switch wasn’t as good as the first. This prompted former Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima to step up and make the announcement that Nintendo had yet to reveal its full hand for the Fall/Holiday 2018 season. Speculation has now been renewed as fans wonder just what games Nintendo has been keeping under wraps. Here are my best guesses:

1) Metroid Prime Trilogy HD


Metroid Prime 4 won’t be launching this year, but 2019 is a safe bet unless the game slips into 2020 at the latest. In preparation for the latest 3D Metroid game, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to remaster the original trilogy and release it for the Nintendo Switch as a refresher. My personal hope is that they allow for more traditional controls as I found Metroid Prime harder to play with motion controls, due mostly to the cramped nature of my room and close proximity to my TV which interfered with the tracking.

2) Pikmin 4

Pikmin 3 was an absolutely gorgeous game and very fun to play, so it’s a shame that we haven’t gotten a proper Pikmin 4 since then. However, Miyamoto did confirm the games existence a few years back. Rumors stated that the game was pretty much completed, however due to the decline of the Wii U, the game was put on the backburner in favor of pushing Breath of the Wild and what we now know is Super Mario Odyssey out the door. With those two games now complete, it wouldn’t take much to assume that Miyamoto has returned to Pikmin 4, taking the time to overhaul it for the Nintendo Switch. While it’s by no means a system seller like Smash Bros. or Pokemon, it’s still another fun Nintendo title to pad out their lineup.

3) Animal Crossing


While I’m not the biggest fan of the Animal Crossing series, I do know it has a decently sized following that would go anywhere and do anything for the series. Nintendo has been asked about the possibility of Animal Crossing coming to Switch and they’ve been coy about it. While not outright confirming it, they haven’t necessarily denied it either. It’s a different experience compared to most of Nintendo’s IP’s so it would stand out in the holiday season.

4) Fatal Frame 6


With Fatal Frame 4 on the Nintendo Wii and Fatal Frame 5 on the Wii U, it’s almost a given that Fatal Frame 6 will be on the Switch, but the question is when? Well some rumors from this year may shed some light on that. Spawning from a thread on GameFAQ’s of all places(And thus, tons of salt here folks.), the leaker claims that the game will release October 26th of this year and that localization is already underway(The rumor was later updated further into the thread, which makes it even more possible of being a fake, or the leaker wasn’t very clear originally and wanted to set the record straight.).

https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/189706-nintendo-switch/76601890 - The thread for your convenience.


5) Star Fox Grand Prix


Back in May, rumors began to make the rounds about what Retro Studios has been working on. Star Fox Grand Prix was the rumored title, and it was supposed to be at E3, but it was a no-show, throwing the rumors into question. However, the rumors had been backed up inside sources speaking to news editors from various publications, lending credence to the rumor more than any other. If it shows up finally, it may be slated for this Fall and featured in a Nintendo Direct.

However, that being said, as reported on by Nintendo Prime, a website featuring reviews from past and present employee’s of Retro Studio’s(Employment verified.), it would seem that Retro is in hot water with many employee’s expecting Nintendo to shut them down. If that is indeed the case, perhaps the reason we didn’t see Star Fox Grand Prix is because it isn’t in a presentable state and that Nintendo doesn’t want to reveal a game it may end up cancelling.


Hopefully it won’t be long before we know what the rest of Nintendo’s Fall/Holiday lineup looks like.

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