We’ve known since last year that GameFreak has been very busy building the very first mainline Pokemon title for home consoles. Originally rumors said that it was a port of Pokemon Sun & Moon/UltraSun & UltraMoon, but that turned out to be false. Later rumors suggested that that was originally the case, but plans ultimately changed. More recent rumors suggested that the developers had decided to shake up the formula so much, that even the classic battle system would be overhauled and simplified into something reminiscent of Pokken Tournament. If the latter rumor were true, it would certainly make sense alongside this new one.

According to the extremely brief rumor that cropped up yesterday and was promptly deleted without any sort of explanation, Pokemon Switch may in fact be a reboot of sorts. What that means is anyones guess as it is all the leaker was able to say. Obviously, take this with a huge grain of salt. Anyone can pop up on a random site, claim to have an inside source, say something, and then delete it to avoid having to elaborate OR just spin wild tale to get people talking. It’s a trick that has been pulled many times in the past because it’s extremely easy to get people to believe you when they’re starved for any sort of news or information.

But that’s why we call these rumors. And it doesn’t hurt to humor these rumors and trying to figure out what they mean or if they even make sense. In this case, it’s trying to decide if a Pokemon reboot makes sense. We’re seven generations into the series, which is over 20 years worth of games. In that time, the list of Pokemon has grown exponentially and the world of Pokemon has also grown to encompass many regions and loads of lore. Stuff that wasn’t even a thought in the creators head when the original games and story came out.


If I’m going to believe that this rumor is true, that the series is being rebooted, then I can only come to one conclusion: The series is returning to the original Kanto region.


If you’re going to start over from the beginning, then it only makes sense to go back to where it all began. And this makes sense since this is the first mainline Pokemon game to be on a home console. It’s a fresh start for the franchise. So in that sense, it can be a reboot. If they wanted to go a step further, they could take a page out of Gold & Silver’s playbook, have multiple regions in a single game. The Kanto & Johto regions are one single landmass, separated by a mountain range. In my opinion, aside from an entirely new region, going back to the start is the other, best way to kickstart Pokemon on the Nintendo Switch. But that’s just my speculation. Honestly, I’d love for them to include Hoenn and Sinnoh to complete the “Japanese” regions in a single game, and then expand with the other regions via DLC. But odds of them going that far are slim to nonexistent. But you never know.